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  • speakwhisper speakwhisper Jun 14, 2000 10:59 AM Flag

    games shorts play and why

    Hey, to short a stock can be just business. Lots
    of fine, ordinary folks do. But those who short and
    then go on the message boards and try to scare or
    manipulate the most shaky investors, gosh, that's a bit

    Trading in RDWR in the first hour today
    was super-slow.. about 40,000 shares in the first
    hour... many periods of five or ten minutes with no trade
    at all. Now there is a game which two or more shorts
    can play with small stocks ... it's more of "scare
    the shaky and try to get a panic started," of course,
    and here you can see why all the effort goes into
    trying to scare a few, even just a few, on the message
    boards. A time to play it can be after a run-up, when
    there's some profit-taking and a pause in buying. (My
    guess --- just a guess, I've got no secret info--- is
    that we had an institution building a position as RDWR
    ran up to 29.)

    So this morning a couple of
    times, when it was "sittin' there" at 27 or 27.125 on
    virtually no volume, a real low bid came in a few times and
    sat there for a while, and then would be met with a
    real low ask to match a couple of times. We're talking
    transactions of 200 or 100 shares. Sale. Then the streamer
    would sit there for up to four minutes with an ask
    maybe 1/2 above the latest, ergo, no other sellers at
    that price. I just couldn't help but wonder if I was
    lookin' at that slightly-illegal game, "bid it down on no
    volume and shake 'em out." Whatda you think? (It's
    slightly illegal when buyer and seller collude from
    motiveto drive the price up or down, but a little hard to
    prove, of course.)

    Just remember, it's YOUR
    shares these fine gentlepersons want to shake loose. And
    why are they so persistent? Cause they cleaned up for
    a few months... and missed the sea-change in the
    market a few weeks ago. And why don't they see trying to
    scare loose shares as cowardly? I leave that one to

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    • daily, published 2 days ago a big interview with
      young mr. Zisapel, rdwr's CEO. he sounded very
      optimistic altough he didnt released any major news. he said
      that the arropoint deal in not a problem for rdwr and
      that he expects its whole market segment to boom in
      the near future, alongside the growth in the

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