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  • nsa_ear nsa_ear Jun 16, 2000 11:06 AM Flag

    I dont understand

    means nothing. just some small day-traders
    playing with small money between themselves. rdwr got
    today a positive review from P-J and nothing has
    changed. when rdwr was in the 15$ zone,only 3 weeks ago,
    people were also bearish. since then it made 92% up and
    it has the potential to do so again.

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    • volume and on tiny lots.

      Here's what I
      noticed this morning. There were a couple of trades of
      lots of 1000 or 2000 very early, which dropped the
      price 1/2 pt. May have been very light insider or
      employee stock-holder sales (can you blame an employee who
      needs some cash for selling 1000 shares?)

      what looked like the year's slowest volume for more
      than an hour. Later, with total volume of about 40,000
      shares for the day, there were what looked to me like
      orchestrated trades involving of 100 or 200 shares in quick
      succession, twice... and these moved the price down between
      .75 and 1, each time. That's today's price drop! It
      gets consolidated a little, when small stockholders
      panic, or someone sells stock for some other reason.
      But, basically, it's misleading.

      And it looks
      to me like a shorts' game, trying to shake loose
      some shares, create fear wherever possible, and cover
      short position taken at the high a few days ago, at the
      lowest possible cost.

      Anyone who draws
      conclusions about RDWR based on action like this morning,

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      • This was posted on MSN financial alerts on 6/14...good sign for RDWR

      • on your best analysis of RDWR and your purchases
        had helped drive the price up last week. Say you'd
        decided you want to hold 150,000 shares. Would you start
        buying and just keep buying till you had your 150,000?
        Or would you try to time your buys so as not to
        drive the price up excessively? (You're goal is buy
        low, sell high... remember?)

        I'm no guru... but
        I think that's what going on here. Institutional
        buying was certainly one of the factors in the recent
        rise. There are shorts on this stock, and it's pretty
        certain they came on again at 29 or thereabouts. The
        money managers pause and let the shorts eat the price
        down on low volume or very low volume. Then buy some
        more. That's what I make out as the most likely
        scenario, for the coming weeks.

        There are no
        significant number of sellers... and almost all who bought as
        the price ran up last week, are holding. If you think
        NASDAQ is poised for a run-up, it would be hard to
        imagine a more favorable situation.

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