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  • nsa_ear nsa_ear Jul 11, 2000 1:27 PM Flag

    ATON has big quarter

    on ATON report. the good news is that the traffic
    management market looks good and draws a positive investor's
    attention. here is one paste from todays news:
    "Without a
    doubt, Alteon is in a sweet spot as demand for its Web
    switches, adapters,and traffic management software for Web
    data centers is snowballing faster than the current
    Harry Potter media frenzy".
    the not so good news is
    that in this market, if one company gathers momentum,
    its usually on the expense of its competitors.

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    • First of all, all the stocks in these area jumped
      at least 10%, RDWR included. You make the dumb
      comment that if one company gather momentum, it is
      usually at the expense of its competitors. What gives you
      any indications that demand for RDWR and FFIV
      products are declining because of ATON? It is usually the
      other way around, you dummy. When a company announces
      that the demand for its products are great, prices of
      the stocks that group GENERALLY goes UP, and visa
      versa. Today was no exception.

      Why are you
      trying to raise even a hint of doubt on this great news?
      RDWR beat estimates by 400% last Quarter and, barring
      any unforeseen disasters, RDWR will have another
      strong Q. Get out. You deserve to be trashed for your
      stupid comment.

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      • What you say is true, but you are looking on
        things from an investor's point of view. There is also
        the marketing point of view. there is no loyality in
        the hardware sales business and if your competitor's
        product is better - and aton has just launched its 2nd
        generation products, then the pressure is on you. i still
        think rdwr has good long term potential, especially
        since the jv with cmvt will start working soon. but in
        the short-term, and im talking about marketing now -
        there seem to be alot of obsticals. and as you know,
        the point where the marketing and the investors are
        meeting is in the quartetly reports.

    • Article in LA Times last Saturday stated that
      traffic management market is expected to rise to $2
      billion in 2003 from $500 million
      this year. I
      believe there will be room for many companies to be
      profitable and grow in this market. Even if ATON gains a
      dominant position in the US, RDWR can still be very
      successful in Europe, Asia, and beyond.

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