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  • sparklybarks sparklybarks Jul 31, 2000 7:10 PM Flag

    RDWR IS making money!

    to continue at the same rate as before, the
    corresponding figures for the same six months next year will be
    approx $40.8m sales, $34.4m margin. (I do like the GM).
    If you then project the same growth in expenses as
    before, you get $39.8m. This is a trading loss of $5.4m
    vs interest earned of about $2.5m, giving you a
    bottom line loss of $2.9m.

    I sold today at $32.
    I like RDWR and hold a number of Israeli High tech
    stocks. Currently however, I think there will be a "sell
    on the news", and taken together with a likely ugly
    patch on the Nasdaq, its my opinion that I'll be able
    to buy back in much lower in the next 2 weeks. Just
    my opinion. I'm not a short or a knocker, but I
    would like to get back in under my Jul 27 buy at $27,
    and if the market tanks, which I think is very
    likely, under my initial entry of $21.


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    • Your analysis would be excellent for normal
      businesses. If your analysis would be correct there should
      not be any premium for growing companies which may
      spend alot on marketing and development in early stages
      and may not make the same types of EPS due to this

      The truth of the matter is that RDWR's cash is a
      definite plus because it allows them to increase the mktg
      expenses at fast rates and attain market share without
      risking any cash flow problems. The fact is that their
      cash position is not deteriorating which is an
      excellent sign.

      Of course in the long run the
      expenses will not rise at the same rate as sales!!! That
      is an absurd notion. If sales grow at this rate than
      I will be willing to see additional expenses in
      short run but in the long run that will be a big plus.

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