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  • nsa_ear nsa_ear Aug 3, 2000 1:27 PM Flag

    There is another important interview

    today with young mr. Roy Zisapel (29), rdwr's ceo
    ,in israel's Globes business daily. here are some
    important points::
    1. the new product is not replacing
    any current product but expanding the lineup and
    integrating rdwr's products on a new, faster platform.
    it takes a very different approach than aton's and
    arrowpoint's products. Mr. zisapel says the new product's
    target markets are different. aton and arpt products are
    targeted on big telecoms and ISPs. rdwr's product is
    targeted on e-commerce sites,telcom applications users,
    organizations etc. he estimates this market segment's capacity
    will be more that 1 bilion $ in 2002. "there is enough
    room here for us and all the competitors" he says.

    3. regarding this qtr's report he says: "were not
    playing with the money. we have 130 mil $ in cash and we
    are getting intrest on it. we are a company with a
    positive cash flow - not a company that 'burns' money.
    this financial strength is allowing us to look for new

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    • Is it because it is based in Israel? Is it
      because the American Public somehow distrusts Israelies?
      It is very frustrating. You figure with the recent
      events, RDWR should be up, certainly not down. Same thing
      happened last quarter.

      The only time RDWR goes up
      is when there is good news about the general sector.
      So the questions is why am I holding onto this POS?
      I am at a loss.

      • 2 Replies to hojo4091
      • Hojo,
        When the stock is running, you tout how
        great of an investment this company is on not only this
        board but others. When other peoople question the
        stock, you have remarked (something to the effect)I know
        this stock and it is going up. Know when it struggles
        because of day traders you cry you don't understand the
        stock and in fact it is a POS. I am frustrated as well,
        but do believe we will see our day. Do yourself a
        favor and do not get some emotional about the day-to
        day activity. Try not to make assumptions that the
        fact it is an Israeli stock is hurting the
        performance. Lastly, do everybody a favor and stop posting
        useless ,emotional statements.

      • market today is a POS. all across the board. read
        the news - if the american economy grows - theN
        grinspan will raise the intrest and the market will fall.
        if the economy slows, than the major companies will
        have bad reports, below expectations, and the market
        will fall. its a lose-lose situation, and israel has
        nothing to do with it.

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