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  • meravhon meravhon Oct 31, 2000 2:37 PM Flag

    FFIV just published great

    All pieces of information lead us to an estimate that sales of RDWR will increase in Q3 by more than 30%. Let's wait to $11M in revenues and maybe even more.

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    • I agree with your numbers. But I would like to
      add the following:

      SSB states: "we expect a
      strong 3Q" they continue to say that they expect RDWR to
      exceed the estimates.

      My analysis of this
      information is as follows;

      Assuming a 30% increase in
      sales means $11M. this translates to a $2.5M sales
      increase which translates to additional profit margin of
      $2.1M (based on 84% cost of goods sold).

      $2.1 million less assumption of increased expenses of
      $1.575M (last Q increased by $1.5M) means additional net
      income of $525K which will mean very close to break even
      in operating income and an additional 3 cents EPS
      over the prior quarter($525K/17,000,000), or EPS of 10
      cents for the quarter.

      Let me know what you


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      • Your assumptions looks logical.
        I was
        surprided to see that average estimate of 4 analysts is
        only $0.04 EPS.This estimate is even less than
        previous quarter($0.07).

        If our estimate is more
        updated, and we are going to see tomorrow after tradeEPS
        of $0.10 it looks like big surprise, and price will
        teact accordingly.

        Do you have any idea why
        first call is so low?

      • We have to apreciate your estimate. Almost the
        same as results released. I am glad that I agreed with
        the numbers. I also made nice investments. In coming
        days analysts should update their forecast. Looks like
        October was also good. I assume growth will continue in
        current quarter.With margin profit above 80%, an EPS for
        Q4 of $.12 will not be a surprise.
        Problem is
        what they are going to do with all the cash Company
        has in assests. If not acquiring FFIV maybe a
        dividend to miserable share holders might be a good
        What do you think will be share price next week?

    • MERAVHON, its good to hear from you. this board
      became a very hostile place in the last few months.

      yes, a 30% to 33% increase for shure. people keep
      forgeting that this company still sits on a very big pile
      of $$ in cash, and it is in the middle of a booming
      market. also, judging from the zisapel's past actions in
      other companies, rdwr is near the stage of maturing,
      i.e we can expect some m&a in the next 12-18 M.

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