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  • kdp2561 kdp2561 Jan 3, 2001 6:43 PM Flag

    Don't Fight the FED. This year is the

    same as last year, but only in that regard.
    Whenever interest rates are lowered stocks overwhelmingly
    move upward. And just as the shorts were correct last
    year that the interest rate increases would keep
    stocks down so should the longs now have faith that the
    opposite will be true in this environment. It is clear by
    RDWR's participation today that it can be heavily
    influenced by market sentiment and this should bode well for
    us in the coming year. Add in the fact that earnings
    growth has been stellar so far and this could be the
    breakout year for RDWR. BUY, HOLD, GET RICH.

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    • buy, hold and get rich hasn't cut it for 15
      months now. Anyone following this advice was taken out
      behind the woodshed and thrashed. Rdwr price hit all
      time low today and you want people to buy more??

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      • 15 months is not long term. If you think that I
        "was taken out behind the woodshed and thrashed"
        you're dead wrong. Why? Because I don't invest on margin
        I use cash and I only use the cash I can afford to
        loose. That's why you can't stand me. Because I've been
        here longer than you and I WONT GO

        Furthermore, when a company says that they are going to meet
        expectations when all others in their sector are warning that
        tells me that they are performing well. Why shouldn't I
        fact, they are improving. This stock has been unjustly
        and servely oversold. It is now trading at 40 times
        last year's earnings (because 4Q will be at least 0.10
        as the company has said). It's book value is
        $8.36/share which is over twice as much as CSCO's
        $3.84/share. Revenue has been growing at 30% per Q. Earnings
        have been growing at 40% per Q suggesting that they
        are increasing their profit margin. Current Net
        Profit Margin is 15% -better than CSCO's 14%. They have
        no debt. In CSCO's fiscal 2000 they earned
        0.38/share. In RDWR's fiscal 2000 they will earn
        0.32/share(based on the minimum 0.10 they have called for in this
        last Q). Sounds to me like everyone should be buying
        RDWR. Sounds to me like they are a close second to CSCO
        in one of the fastest growing market

        My advice to you is to scale in slowly as we closed
        at a 52 week low at the end of the day on Friday we
        could fall further. Don't try to pick a bottom just
        start scaling in on Monday. Then buy another lot a week
        later. And another a week after that.

        Or if you
        prefer you could sit here with latt_2001 and tell me how
        wrong I am. But I think you are missing out on one of
        the greatest opportunities this market has to offer.
        Now is the time for the brave to step forward and
        start buying. BUY, HOLD, GET RICH!

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