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  • andyb_91320 andyb_91320 May 8, 2007 12:13 AM Flag


    I don't normally post messages, but have just placed a sell, and would like to share my experience, especially with the two investors who have 70K and 100K.

    It was pre-dot-com era year March 2000, and I justified jumping across from Fidelity Contra to three Janus funds. I put $25,000 in each and my troubles began...
    Janus Enterprise
    Year: Value:
    March 2000 $25,000
    EOY 2000 $14,000 ..Holy Smoke, well it can't get worse
    2001 $7717 ..It did!
    2002 $5793 ..It got to it's lowest
    2003 $9269 ..Why am I not satisfied, 100% gain
    2004 $7937 ..More frustration
    2005 $9245 ..Back to 2003 value
    2006 $10583 ..Better
    2007 $13943 Placed sell for tomorrow
    Notes: Had I sold at "Holy smoke 2000" I would have saved 6-1/2 years of misery. But humans live with eternal optimism,and I fully believed I would get back to "evens".

    Look at the Yahoo chart for total years I bought at $95.24,
    Its near highest point.

    I got out of the other two janus funds long ago, but kept this one to be reminded of what can happen. I believed Mutual funds were safe, and have learned the lesson of being diversified, and never having too much in one fund. This post is not intended to be negative against Janus funds, but I am still taking a loss of 44% after seven years
    Such is life, don't let it happen to you. Good luck.

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    • I think I was sitting next to you on this free fall roller-coaster called JAENX. I bought a lot in 1999 and 2000. I think I had an avg cost around $80. I, too, thought that mutual funds were *safer* than investing in a small number of stocks. The truth is that you do not need to invest ANY amount of money in the stock market unless you can suffer a complete loss without it affecting the important things in your life. I learned that painful lesson and finally sold last year during tax season to counter act some long term gains.

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      • I had a similar experience- sold some lame Putnam funds for this and other Janus funds very near the peak. We are just two examples of exactly why the peak happened.

        Instead of selling, I have been adding to my position. I broke even and am up a nice clip with JAGIX. I am still in the red with this one.

        But I do want a low(er) cost mid cap growth fund and think this is a good option for me even though I still show a loss overall.

        You and I both learned about diversification which certainly helped me on a day like today! Good luck in the future!

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