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  • b_hesford2000 b_hesford2000 Aug 9, 2013 11:05 AM Flag

    Congrats longs

    I was long FWLT for a long time. Finally had to sell to 'wash' myself of the position which was started poorly on my part. I like the company and what it's trying to do. Congrats on a great couple days and I hope it continues, even though it will do so without me on board.

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    • Happy to see that you are still around...I wondered where you went.

      took a long time for FWLT to get here but inspite of cost plus EPC contract in the US they will still have issues trying to grow...the power business prospects are not good for anyone and in the better oil/gas space there are many players...a number of them have greater capacity etc...time will tell...meanwhile be careful if you think about buying this stuff. So far a few of the people on wall street like the Barclay's guy like this but what do they really understand about this business???

      Made some good money with the SHAW buyout by CBI...Now good luck to CBI in trying to justify what they paid.. So far there are issues with that it

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      • Hey Beeper, you were always an informative poster that I enjoyed bouncing ideas off for infrastructure, I am taking a break from the sector. I am way to bullish on it, to a fault. I was lucky that I did some trading around my position otherwise my position in FWLT would have been a big loser. I have no doubt that the person who bought my shares will do much better than me. Sometimes we get clouded by our opinions and the only way to get a centered view is to take a step back, which is what I have done with the infrastructure sector at this time. GL, B

    • Pick up some cheap NOV calls 30-33 level, in case of a buyout from Siemans......Its a long shot, but possible