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  • isg98 isg98 Dec 3, 1998 3:41 PM Flag

    Store closings

    Has any official list of stores to be shut down been published by TSA?

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    • Rower,

      The possible turnaround is not that
      different from Best Buy. Both had inventory problems. Both
      have thin margins. When Best Buy went to four it was
      because of bad industry conditions (no new exciting
      product) much like the sporting goods industry now. Both
      also brought in new management. The best time to buy a
      retailer is when it looks like they will go out of
      business. TSA will survive while other will fall. This is a
      20-30 stock in 2 years. Not a bad return. Stock is
      being depressed by tax loss selling. Look for a bounce
      to 7-8 range in Jan. I have not bought in yet
      looking to enter under $5

    • Seems like I'm not tell you anything you don't already know
      about this category. Good insight and well infromed!

    • is doing a good bit of business with National as
      we speak. Brass Eagle had a good run up after an
      article in IBD had some nice things to say about the
      paintball industry. TSA would be wise to continue growing
      with National and shrinking their Brass Eagle
      selection. Brass Eagle is gouging prices at the mass market
      level in hopes of warding off competitors. The funny
      thing about it is the fasting growing segment in the
      paintball industry is the upper end. Brass Eagle also moved
      their paintball production in house and has had a
      terrible time with inferior quality paint.

    • Assortments for the most part are close. Players
      are Brass Eagle, Nat. Paintball Supply, Tippman,
      Daisy and 3-4 other companies with better guns and
      protective. Check out a Q report from Brass Eagle, public co.
      up 2 pts. this week.

      Retailer must court the
      customer. Advertise and let them know they can find it at
      your store. In most categories "avid" user will go to
      the place where they believe is hip or just dirt
      cheap - or both. In this case check yur local Army/Navy
      store. They usually dominate this business. TSA is
      considered neither. Also no rifles here that I have ever

      WalMart is strong here because they are cheap and they
      jumped on the category early. They also sell balls in
      major bulk.

    • If so why were 10 stores opened in the 3 quarter, and 8 so far
      in the fourth, and one tommorrow in NYC.. 2 BLOCKS FROM ME..!!!
      some sort of turaround it appears to me , SO FAR...!!!

    • ZACKS,research report shows positive earnings for
      year.. i will double check that though..
      P.S. I
      noticed in the new york times today some
      authority properties being sold, and looks like some
      to be rented as co tennants with sports authority
      im not sure exactly what thoes deals entail..!!!!!

    • or are they all exiting. With respect to a
      turnaround, the fundamentals of Best Buy and American Eagle
      were quite different. You may be right, this may be a
      turnaround or you may be wrong and this is a
      liquidation...which is where I've heard its heading. The sneaker
      business does not look profitable, especially without an
      NBA season. I'ld have more confidence if I knew who
      was leading the charge on the equity side.

    • This will be a great turnaround story a year out.
      Their new CEO was the operating chief at one of the top
      retailers in the country Staples. They will right the ship.
      Thre best time to buy a retailer is when things look
      awful, if you want proof look at a long term chart on
      Best Buy (BBY) and American Eagle (AEOS). Both of them
      had nventory problems and industry problems much like
      what is affecting the sporting goods industry. Best
      Buy went to 4 in 1997 now 51! and American Eagle went
      to 2 in 1997 now 57! I am not saying Sports
      Authority will go to 50 in a year but 20-30 is possible if
      the can turn it around. Do your research on the new
      CEO and you will agree.

    • I UNDERSTAND , company opened 10 new stores in
      the third quarter, and 8 so far in the fourth, and a
      new store thursday
      in QUEENS NYC..
      I looked at
      ZACKS and notice positive earnings are
      expected in
      so is this going to be a sucessful turnaround
      I will do more research before i take a
      ANY, coments pro or con for this companies future

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