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  • bigg_redd_rockett bigg_redd_rockett Dec 27, 2012 5:10 PM Flag

    Betting we see $2 by June. I should say hoping AND betting.

    Only 10000 shares, but I really think this is a no brainer. We shall see.

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    • And the reason for your bet??? No productions so it can't be based on selling any u308. No updates on drilling results so based on reported estimated lbs in the ground as an exploration company you think $2 is a fair price? How do you come by this number? Management is not known for accurate information so your number must have been plucked for the fricken number tree. You should have plucked a bigger number because any number you pick is BS.

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      • Several reasons for the uptick in Uranium prices in 2013: 1) Emerging markets are still in growth mode, specifically China, India, Russia, Ukraine, S. Korea, UAE. China in particular has 15 reactors in operation, 26 in construction, and 51 planned. China will need 45-50 Mlb annually by 2020, about the same as the US uses today. This will offset the planned shutdown of nuclear energy in Germany (which by the way may be overturned in the future). 2) Japan will slowly restart its nuclear power program. The LDP party, which recently won in Japan, is pro nuclear. It has stated that nuclear needs to be restarted to cut the cost of imported natural gas, and revive the economy; 3) US-Russia HEU Agreement (Megatons to Megawatts) expires at end of 2013, removing about 15% of world Uranium supply; 4) Analysts expect Uranium demand to exceed supply by 2014. Credit Suisse expects $80-$90/lb U3O8 by end of 2013.

        Couple the end of the HEU agreement, the Japan nuclear program restart, and the tremendous growth in the Chinese nuclear program, and the stage is set for a significant rise in the Uranium market. Uranium has definitely seen its lows. A $2 price target for DNN in the coming year appears to be too low. I expect that in the next 2-3 years, DNN should exceed its pre-Fukushima price of around $4.50.

      • Uranium is going up and a rising tide raises all ships. I think DNN will have plenty of positive news to go along with the rising price of uranium. If I am right, DNN will hit $2 by June. If I am wrong it won't. Why are you so bitter?

    • Agree. Uranium has seen it's lows & will ascend back to the $55-$65 range by end of 2013. Easily over $100/oz by 2016 so yes this is a no brainer investment. Believe DNN will be around $10 by 2016 if not more...

      Sentiment: Buy

    • This stock has some seroius people holding it down .To drop it from $2 to where it is now and hold it here this long ,even though the price of uranium is on an upswing .It will stay here untill we get bought out or the powers to be have enough shares .Our CEO needs walking papers .

    • It will be $2 by march.

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