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  • knstock2 knstock2 Sep 6, 2013 10:01 AM Flag

    3D metrology vs. 3D printing

    3D printing is all the rage, and deservedly so. But the industry is at its infancy. At a certain time, companies like DDD and SSYS cannot 'model' all the complex dimensions before printing. That is when 3D metrology will be important for these companies. As dimensions get finer by millimeters or less, 3D printing companies are bound to strike some kind of deal with 3D metrology companies. At least, that makes common sense to me.

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    • With an Enterprise Value of only about $63 million and trading at 1 times revenues that carry gross margins approaching 50%, this could well be in the sights of a few companies, including the two you mention. That is especially possible since the Helix technology is just beginning to hit the revenue and bookings streams and the revenue mix is about to get even more beneficial. I'm hoping nothing happens near-term as I would like to see PRCP grow the business organically to a much bigger size (Helix over 50% of total revenues from the current 10% in the latest quarter) first. A smart observer would realize that Helix could change the way all metrology is done.

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      • The foregoing is JMO. You really don't need a deal (j.v.,combination), etc., and probably don't want one at this still-early stage of technology adoption by the customer. Look at Arcam AB, and how it has traded over the last year, just showing the organic possibilities of growing their business, the ramp to profitability and how quickly the incremental gains hit the bottom line when a small number of shares are outstanding.

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