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  • merklekranz merklekranz Nov 19, 2013 1:55 AM Flag

    Costs should have been estimated last quarter ........

    Not delayed till this latest quarter. I own this stock and it seems to me that this was not handled correctly. - MERK

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    • what exactly are you upset about, they did tell us about this at last quarter cc but not in great detail.
      are you upset
      1) because the price went up and you didn't sell
      2) because the stock price went up and you bought
      3) the price is the same as it was when they didn't give you exact detail now
      4) the fact you didn't take advantage
      I really see no problem here with management The only problem is that people didn't listen and want to blame someone else. Of course it is easy for me to say that since I bought at 10.75 and sold at 14.75 then bought back at 10.50 and sold half of that at 10.90. This is the stock market learn or get destroyed. don't blame others for your mistakes.

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      • First rlbeard, we are all happy you made money, congrats on that. But second, all management alluded to was that the upcoming fiscal first quarter of 2014 (ended Sep.) would be soft, and as it is, normally the softest seasonally of the year. There was nothing at all said about a potential problem matching costs and revenues, or accounting for outside contractor costs, etc. I think the feeling by many investors here is that something "just does not feel right" about the way the numbers are being put together. Something "just does not feel right" about a huge blow-out quarter followed by what amounts to a blow-up quarter that reverses out a chunk of the prior quarter's big gain. I am sure everything was done in accordance w/GAAP principles as the company indicated on the CC. That does not negate the fact that it feels funny or is hard to understand, and maybe company guidance could have been better, more timely and more specific in regard to the issue. It casts a pall on the reliability of any future good quarterly results as investors will be looking for the "monster under the bed" in the subsequent quarter. If it doesn' t feel right , that is an issue, because many investors follow their gut when investing, or dis-investing as is the case here.

      • The way this was handled, in my opinion, does not conform to acceptable accounting practices. They could have booked estimated costs. - MERK

    • Your only hope is that one or more of the large institutions that own this step forward and seek some sort of looking into that.

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