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  • crassh0 crassh0 Jul 30, 2010 2:13 PM Flag


    Other sat com launched "small" (and less expensive) sat and are selling huge, heavy and expensive phones.
    TSTR launched huge (and expensive) sat and is going to sell blackberry size sat phone at similar costs as 4Giphone. Clever!
    When law enforcement a/o military forces are involved, if the sat connection works, then better the Genus than any other considering all the other gears they'll have to carry.
    As to connectivity AT&T is (at the minimum) as good as any others, as far as I know.
    Still concerning AT&T, considering that they already modified their billing system, they are now ready to market the Genus.
    Therefore, unless I am wrong, Baby G is not in the "top five" but alone on top. Right??
    Some are saying Finance is the problem! Where, which one?? Assets largely exceed debts, Harbinger is locked up into TSTR as the only sat provider allowing him to fulfill its commitments to Federal administration and the numerous references made to the 70 millions owed by TSTR to them are not only pure but also peanuts compared to TSTR borrowing capacities (ratio debts to assets).
    As a matter of fact, if, as so many were claiming, they would be going bankrupt, how could they secure insurance for their sat unless those claiming that never worked with insurance companies.
    The only real weak point I can see is TSTR PR policy or lack of PR but on the other hands, with my few shares (or yours) amounting to a fraction of %, what can I expect. At the same time, TSTR involvement with Law enforcement and their agreement with AT&T don't allow them to advertise so much.
    AT&T moves next week will be interesting.

    Critics are most welcome, I like to learn
    All the best

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