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  • sidtab77 sidtab77 Sep 24, 2010 5:11 PM Flag

    Latest TSTR NEws...from PR news

    TerreStar GENUS™ Dual-Mode Cellular/Satellite Smartphone Now Available From AT&T

    AT&T's Satellite Augmented Mobile Service Provides Satellite Wireless Voice and Data Communications for Business and Government Customers
    DALLAS, Sept. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- For many people it's crucial to stay connected wherever life takes them. Thanks to a new offer from AT&T*, it's now easier and more convenient than ever before to have mobile coverage in remote locations or when the cellular network is unavailable.

    AT&T's new Satellite Augmented Mobile Service with the TerreStar™ GENUS™ dual-mode cellular/satellite smartphone is now available for enterprise, government and small business customers. Intended to be used primarily as an everyday mobile device, the TerreStar GENUS smartphone is an innovative dual-mode device with cellular wireless capability as the primary default mode and satellite access capability as a secondary option for voice, data and messaging.

    The access to the TerreStar™ satellite network enables wireless communications coverage in remote areas for government, energy, utility, transportation and maritime users, as well as backup satellite communications capabilities for public safety agencies, first responders and disaster recovery groups.

    With just one phone number and one smartphone device, users with a line of sight to the satellite will have access to expanded voice and data roaming coverage in the United States, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands and in territorial waters. The TerreStar GENUS runs on the Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system to provide rich features and functionality, including a touch screen, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth®, camera and GPS.

    According to an AT&T Business Continuity Study(1) conducted earlier this year, businesses are stepping up their technology investment and efforts in disaster planning and business continuity programs despite the economy; and mobile devices are increasingly part of business continuity plans.

    "We understand the importance to stay connected in remote locations and especially in emergency situations, and today's announcement is the latest example of AT&T's commitment to delivering the highest levels of service, quality and reliability for customers," said Michael Antieri, President, Advanced Enterprise Mobility Solutions, AT&T Business Solutions. "With this expansion of AT&T's innovative mobility portfolio, AT&T is helping businesses and government agencies stay connected with a single device, single support contact and single bill."

    "With advancements in satellite technology, satellite-based communications is poised to be the next standard in everyday mobile devices," said Jeffrey Epstein, President and Chief Executive Officer of TerreStar. "We are pleased to work with AT&T to bring powerful integrated satellite-cellular solutions to market, providing customers with critical communication capabilities and a great mobile experience."


    The AT&T Satellite Augmented Mobile Service and the TerreStar GENUS is available today to enterprise, government and small business Corporate Responsibility Users. The service requires standard AT&T cellular voice and smartphone data rate plans, as well as a monthly satellite subscription feature. Usage of the satellite network for voice, data and messaging is not included in the monthly feature charge and is billed as per-minute, per-message or per-megabyte roaming charges on a customer's AT&T Mobility service invoice.

    Enterprise, government and small business users should contact their AT&T sales representative for information on availability and ordering.

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    • To add to this..

      AT&T Client base is 90 MILLION.. so 500,000 hand sets is easily doable. Especailly when you consider there is a HUGE push within the GSA Contract division of AT&T to promote the phone to the likes of the USDA, Border Patrol.. etc..

      Figure $25 monthly fee, 100 min of use ($65), 100 text messages($40), 10 MB ($50) data that equates to $180 a month in fees for a business person who would use this phone in a remote location. $180 x 12 = $2160 + $799 x 500000 units = 1.5 BILLION a year.. and this is conservative.

      Others try to compare this to the other limited (and failed SAT/CELL phones) I would like to point out that was in 1999 and 2000.. This was the area of PDA and NOT smartphone the soonest a blackberry would come into existance would be 2003 ( .. so IMAGINE what a SAT/Cell phone would have been like in 2000.. You simply can not compare the markets.

      So that said.. This is why the stock is hot and expected to recover to its $3 a stock days. No matter what the idiot day traders say here that are trying to make a quick buck. Buy the stock and wait for a few years and you will make more than a quick buck.

      • 1 Reply to ez2wire
      • Although I agree with your sentiments that Terrestar could possibly rake in such a profit within a year, I'd like to point some important information out to interested buyers. Please take into mind that Terrestar currently holds a large debt. They paid their way to success of this phone launch through many partnerships and loans in various forms. I've poured over the research and this company is very close to a chapter 11 filing. The good news is they will be somewhat protected from outside interest. The key factor here is they built the world's largest communications satellite in the world and launched it into orbit without a hickup. They will be featured in this years Genius Book of World Records; just a fun fact but, I digress. Moving on we see the companies share price possible plummeting to a .25 - .30 cent range at some point. Especially is the chapter 11 filing is announced over the newswire. The take from all of this is that you should wait for a proper comfortable entry point at which will probably be years end. I do not see this price target moving above it's recent short squeeze induced climb until the news of the chapter 11 filing comes to light. If you have positions hold and renter at lower spectrums. Good luck longs. Final Sentiment - Hold