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  • tribeslore tribeslore Sep 24, 2010 6:05 PM Flag

    Latest TSTR NEws...from PR news

    Although I agree with your sentiments that Terrestar could possibly rake in such a profit within a year, I'd like to point some important information out to interested buyers. Please take into mind that Terrestar currently holds a large debt. They paid their way to success of this phone launch through many partnerships and loans in various forms. I've poured over the research and this company is very close to a chapter 11 filing. The good news is they will be somewhat protected from outside interest. The key factor here is they built the world's largest communications satellite in the world and launched it into orbit without a hickup. They will be featured in this years Genius Book of World Records; just a fun fact but, I digress. Moving on we see the companies share price possible plummeting to a .25 - .30 cent range at some point. Especially is the chapter 11 filing is announced over the newswire. The take from all of this is that you should wait for a proper comfortable entry point at which will probably be years end. I do not see this price target moving above it's recent short squeeze induced climb until the news of the chapter 11 filing comes to light. If you have positions hold and renter at lower spectrums. Good luck longs. Final Sentiment - Hold

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    • As someone pointed out they dont have any debt payments due until next year.. by that time they will have restructured thier debt. There simply is NO risk of bankruptcy. IOF they had not released the phone like they said they would and start contracts in September, then I agreee a BK was a forgone conclusion. BUt that simply isnt the case now.

    • It´s nice to see that this board is the most international I have seen and it gives me a faith in this stock that I just bought to make a quick trade on, perhaps something to keep.

      It would be great to see what stocks others here are following, I am holding GNBT and my LYSCF my best investment that I think has a way to go.

    • Thanks for the advice, the board has been lacking comments such as yours.