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  • abvillian abvillian Sep 27, 2010 10:10 PM Flag

    Is LightSquared the Key??

    you have to relearn things over again, so that you can make sound conclusions. None of your statements holds.

    Time will prove it.

    The strength of TSTR is in technology, network, satellite to wirless roaming, spectrum, ATT.

    It really does not matter if they use one cow or the hurd of sheeps. They can switch to LEOs in a moment if prompted to do so, as the technology is plug and play.

    Here we are talking about low barrier ENTRY, proof of concept, up until it reaches the critical mass.

    GSAT and alikes are likely to use both, GENUS clones and TSTR/ATT infrastructure in the future.

    I see, you still don't get it.

    But you will, undoublty you will, once it happenes.

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    • "they can switch to LEOs in a minute"?!?!?!!!!

      they're $1B in debt now with no appreciable income

      are you suggestion they can come up with another 4 or 5 $B of added debt to finance that transformation

      can they acquire global spectrum (let alone globally harmonized spectrum such as GSAT has)

      this stock sure has its share of cheerleaders who don't understand the first thing they're talking about


      one poster here was assuring another yesterday that in time they would place another GEO to extend their presence in the northern north american hemisphere

      was he referring to using a molniya orbit?

      or did he not possess basic understanding of what he was talking about?