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  • screwthedebtors screwthedebtors Dec 15, 2012 12:13 PM Flag

    Dish Network WIns $9 Billion Dollar Spectrum Prize

    gyp,,,,, pt- ment that she hopes he can sleep good at night with knowing he stole our spectrum, on his conscience .... it must be a terrible feeling,,,, """ if he has a heart """ or he is just a pure demon like these dumbaz debtor's ,, we are dealing with pure demon's they are all apart of the same jewish temple look it up youll find they are jewish of the same temple and went to the same schools , and look up the connection between tracy hope davis and william m. freeman there connected ,, among many other things also go look black stone finacial was the finacial advisors for guess who""" ..............""" enron corp""" the biggest fraud case in america black stone led them to fraud just like they have with tsc and tsn ....

    google that ...!!

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    • screw,

      I know what pt meant. Let me put it this way: Ergen would have to win more than 18 of the biggest u.s. lotteries in history to equal his latest coup. Now, do you get my meaning?

      Bankruptcy courts have stolen countless trillions away from good people. It is such a racket that even our own federal government is doing it (but they don't need the courts). look no further than GM bondholders.

      mr. lane should be hung by his balls.