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  • h_grant_h h_grant_h Oct 1, 2013 6:09 PM Flag

    Today's starts - 10/01/2013

    Short Volume Ratio (short for : SV ratio)

    ZHNE - 0.41, the net volume more than doubled from yesterday, and the MM's short sales also nearly doubled from yesterday. I like the fact that the MM's intense effort to push the stock down was met with persistent buying, especially some big buyers took out the blocks on display. Anytime what this stock's SV ratio is over 40%, the stock still gets pushed up, it's an indication of real big buyers are getting on board. (About the moves ahead of earning, I think it will go higher and higher, since even if there would be some sort of near term weakness in the earning report (unlikely), the stock will still be bought, but not sold - not for real. The upside "risk" is much greater than the downside risk at this point in the growth cycle that is in terms of years.)

    FREE - 0.30, the net volume was up considerably, so is the SV ratio, but not extreme yet. Keep watching.

    #$%$ - 0.16, I'm adding #$%$ today, b/c it is now in my trade and there're some new aspect of things I want to start to discuss and introduce. For the previous three days, the SV ratios were, chronologically, 0.23, 0.17. What the ratios indicate was that the MM's were not aggressive in shorting at these price ranges, but they're covering instead - the retail shorts were pushy, while the big stakeholders tried to stabilize the stock around $7, even tho unsuccessful - but it counts for later moves.

    Also about #$%$. From the start of the first big jump, $4.25 to $10+ on 9/25/2013, the SV ratios, chronologically, (the SV stack), ranged from .65, .40, .42, .49, .35, .38 - were extreme for the stock. It demonstrated that the MM's were demolished on the way up before they largely gave up on 9/26, when the ratio was merely .34 - they're not aggressive in shorting on the day the stock crashed from the top! This information is important for the time still to come. Time and space - they are integral to each other in the the stock market. More later.

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