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  • volleyballnstuff volleyballnstuff Nov 8, 2011 12:42 PM Flag

    JCOF- once audit is complete moving up to BIG board.

    I think the anemic volume of this stock speaks volumes. You can't get any more plain than that. There is relatively NO INTEREST in this stock it would appear other than some minor trading back and forth that I suspect are nothing more than day traders playing with this stock. I'm holding on to ALL of my shares (like we have a choice unless we want to lose our asses) and hoping for a miracle. I fully expect the PPS to fall into the 20's before we see any kind of rebound should the 4th quarter numbers be more encouraging. I personally didn't feel that the 3rd quarter numbers were anything to do back-flips over.

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    • You did not think the 3rd qtr. numbers were good, what part of the results did you not like?? I'm curious because I could not find any flaws with the presentation !!!!!!!!!!!

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      • Let me put it this way -- thus far, this company, in MY opinion, has not quite equaled the HYPE -- in fact, it hasn't even come close. As I said above, the VOLUME traded pretty much says it all in a nutshell. There is very little excitement about this company. If there was, and their numbers in Q3 were all THAT encouraging, there would be far more interest in this seemingly cheap stock. It can't make any real gains to save its life pretty much since the management pulled the rug out from everybody and did the reverse split. I remember a JCOF stock in the 50's, 60's even .70 range pre-split that was steadily climbing. Ever since the R/S it's been dropping, dropping, dropping, or at the very least ridiculously manipulated and erratic. The pumpers here can put all the spin on it that they want, but at the end of the day the cold hard RESULTS speak for themselves. I'm holding on to my shares, but I am not blinded to the very real possibility this is some sort of scam being run by people with a history in doing this, and that the only real winners here are them. I personally have lost tens of thousands of dollars on this stock, and not happy about it one bit. I've resigned myself to the fact that it's probably all a great big loss, but I'm holding on for a miracle just like the rest of you.

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