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  • desertrunnerr desertrunnerr Feb 12, 2013 1:41 PM Flag

    E-mailed IR, has anyone else?

    I just e-mailed IR asking about issues I have and a date for a conference call (promised transparency). I will follow up with any answer. Has anyone else e-mailed IR? It's time everyone does and show concerns.

    Doug, very well thought out, insightful response to my last post. thank you

    rotorsurfer, pot stocks have been great, just sold half of MJNA and ERBB holdings for very nice profits. Now just sit on other half of the shares and hope they keep climbing. Was doing that with JCOF and got stuck at the R/S

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    • I'm assuming you're sarcastic about doug, since he has the brain of a peacock.

      I can't emphasize enough that shareholders need to email or call IR in regards to their complaints with the company, especially in regards to the lack of professionalism. The current owners have not before run a public company, you can't expect the world from them, they are new to this.
      Fact is, P/E is outrageously high, the earnings do not justify the market cap, previous history dictates the company is not truthful or trustworthy (lack of an ability to keep up on claims, on top of making outrageous claims that are ethically questionable such as a short cover), and far too many outstanding shares for the income. It doesn't matter how faithful you are to the company and how much you believe it will succeed, fact is, the company needs to make significantly more to justify anything, figures that would jump beyond 100% of what they make now. Even if they make more, the PE is still high, and the stock is technically unstable. Bash me all you want, these are basic facts you'd learn from investing 101, which many people here, like doug, don't seem to have any knowledge about.

      You should also be very concerned that doug happens to know about a share buyback float percentage (which he was wrong about) but cannot distinguish the important of EPS. He is a liar and not trustworthy, as are many on this board. Listen to the ones who can back things up with facts and know at least something about how a public company works...JCOF as a company is getting better but still has a long ways to go. I don't see much improvement in 2013, although I did expect it in the summer of 2012, but never happened...

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      • Ims, you are such a smuck! You don't even own shares, what a boring life you must lead. I wake up check the jcof message board, go to work check the jcof message board, at lunch check the jcof message board, come home check the jcof message board, go to bed check the jcof message board, get up to pee check the jcof message board, then in the morning, it's just like the movie Groundhogs day, you do it again, WOW dude, unbelievable! By the way, if at anytime you would to MEET ME for a discussion, please advise, LOSER!

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      • I just called and talked to John,He was helpful in answering my questions i had.His answers eased me a bit. He said lots of exciting news coming soon and that they are working on getting uplisted . He didnt know how the jan. uplisting came about? I told him i thought i heard it in a call? i could of been wrong or just heard it reading some post on here? Anyway give him a call it might do you some good to hear what he told me! Just general answers! But it was better than listening to the post on here! give him a call and ask him some of your concerns! He seems to at least fill you in somewhat! Thanks John

    • I have, but no answer.

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