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  • benditlikened benditlikened Feb 22, 2013 2:47 PM Flag


    is very angry he missed out, please someone sell him some shares in the teens so he can be happy again.

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    • You know little of what you speak my friend...I lost a around 20K on this POS a few years ago when the first group of buffoons were pumping this thing and quite frankly I got caught up in the smoke & mirrors, or calling it like it really was, lies.
      I blame no-one but myself and it was an expensive lesson so to imply I missed out on anything is laughable.
      I now come back from time to time for my own amusement and I'm never disappointed, no matter how bad the numbers look there is always some pumper with all the answers, but the results are always the same. Good luck pal, you're gonna need it because IMO you're dealing with some very savvy crooks.

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      • Bob, Ned has me on block so it's not like he can read anything I say but...
        he really is one of the most arrogant people I've seen on this board. He claims to have me blocked and I don't even believe it, since he happens to know when I'm posting and can read people's responses to me. He even addressed me in a thread even though I've supposedly been blocked for months now, only to say don't bother responding since I'm still on block LOL.
        He picks on others who don't favor the company and thinks virtually everyone but himself is an idiot. Funny that he also thinks he's some type of genius when he doesn't even know how to value a company.
        Take a look at the stock formation, judging by that direction, it's probably going to go up again tomorrow based on technicals alone (pullback from upward bollinger), but either way, it was overvalue in the teens and is still overvalued now. I don't expect anything grand out of this stock except for the occasional upswing. Just be careful if you get back into this...

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      • GO GET EM BOB!!!!
        I am still waiting to recover too. Premium, can say as LONG as he wants but the seconds I make a dime on this POS Im outta here! Why arn't all the sells rep in this MLM scam buy the stock for there OWN company? Can ANYONE tell me that, and how many of you ARE sells reps and not just suckers, I mean investers like me? Roast on!

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      • i at least appreciate your honesty, i am down a bit, not much. but to come back for your amusment ?? sounds a bit nuts bro, and dont tell me you dont wish a little that you did buy back in the teens, cause if you didnt you would be lying. and i'll take the luck from you, gonna sell soon on another pop, gotta golf career waiting for me.