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  • jreuwing45 jreuwing45 Mar 21, 2013 8:17 AM Flag

    BCCI pr release!!!!! big news penny's will fly today

    I hope some of you listened to me and have been making money with this ! Its like the money machince got turned on!!! All the cash i make is going to buy me more jcof!!! WASHING RINSING AND REPEATING!

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    • That #$%$ is way overvalued.... Dont tell people to buy at the top especially from this board. We need to look out for each other not screw each other. I bought it at .02c and sold at .075c. I'll keep an eye on it and when it falls back down to under .03c i'll think about it again.

    • And in the future when someone takes your advice and the stock loses 50% in a day (like what premium did to you) how will you feel?

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      • Take a look in the mirror imshirazy! You have some pair of balls telling JR how he is going to screw people over giving stock advice. Look what you've done, JCOF was trading in the teens for months and you have been bashing company the entire time. You stated over and over and over how overvalued JCOF was when it was in mid teens. Now JCOF is .31 and trending higher.

        Imshirazy's constant bashing probably scared away many potential buyers in the teens and many longs that might have averaged down but his relentless negativity towards company may have affected their decision and not bought cheap. How much money did you cost many longs and new buyers that did not buy because of your negative ramblings? Sleep well toninght Imshirazy knowing YOU cost many a 100 percent gain in the last two months so far,

        I personally would never let a message board poster affect my investment decisions but many do. Imshirazy throwing stones at pumpers while IMS the basher is living in a glass house of bashing is just laughable!!! I can't wait to see how Ims is going to spin this!

      • im not telling anyone this is the next starbucks im saying it turned on the money machine!! wash rinse repeat! dont fall in love or hold on too long trade and make some money!

      • hmm where is premium these days??

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