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  • rogers2308 rogers2308 Jun 19, 2009 3:09 PM Flag


    211,000 with one hour to go versus aveage of 705,000
    Not just this stock its widespread. Nobody wants stocks anymore its an Obamination to own stocks ride a big car or SUV or use a jet. But its still ok to be in the soup line thats where we are all headed. Thank the DUMMYCRATS.

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    • See how you can't sustain an argument, sayfoo.

      Thats the problem with right wing fanatics. When things aren't going the way they want and let's face it they never do for right wing fanatics they turn to name calling and more lies.

      Try to accept the fact that your side lost, no one cares anymore.

    • Yeah, nobody's perfect. Plenty of liberals got carried away by lust for revenge for 911. Bush played the revenge card and fooled almost everybody (excluding Obama I might add) until it was too late. When everyone found out there was nothing in Iraq but small arms, FOX news did a damn fine job at damage control and kept all the religious hillbillies on board which, luckily for Bush is half the country. Even they didn't buy it for long, except for sayfu and his wife-cousin and mother-sister.

    • we went to war because cheney and bush needed to do something and they knew the world would not condemn an attach on IRAQ. They were concerned they looked foolish after 9-11 and needed a big event. They sacrificed our youth for their ego and spent our money because once they started they couldn't stop.


    • Present them.

    • try to keep up pdfuzzbug, no one wants to converse with the likes of you, the conversation has moved on, If you don't know the reasons given for war then you should spend more time reading and less time trying to censor people with you one-star propaganda.

      u and sayfoo are both ignorant fools.

    • I notice no one stepped up to my challenge. Is there anyone who thinks they know why the warmongers continue to send our loved ones off to die in Iraq? The only even remotely reasonable reason I've heard is to protect Sunnis from genocide. If that's your only reason, I can think of a dozen more noble peoples being subjected to genocide that the US war machine has ignored the last 8 years.

    • great job fimley.. one thing is certain, its easy to get the right wing drones confused and angry.

      you've got old sayfuu talking in circles.

      glad to see someone that can put this parrot in his place

    • hey you just used the word "imperialism", I guess that qualifies you as a marxist and pedophile.

      You are the silliest conservative I have ever heard. You make Limbaugh sound intelligent and Ann Coulter sound attractive.

    • It is not old news until the troops are home. You spin me as unpatriotic. My best friend is going to Iraq and some of relatives are in the military. It is patriotic to end this pointless imperialism and stop sacrificing our soldiers without a cause. You can pretend there are all sorts of causes: spreading democracy where it isn't wanted (the most ironic kind of paradox), or disposing of Saddam (no longer valid since he's long gone), or protecting Sunnis from Shiite genocide (the world would be safer without them). Feel free to fabricate more, but it is obvious, our troops are sacrificing themselves for no noble cause. Call me unpatriotic. Bah! It's unpatriotic to stand idly by while we send our loved ones to die needlessly for causes that are ambiguous at best.

    • True, the German democracy elected a new leader in 1933. That election was also without fraud or coercion, just like Iran. That other democracy in middle east.

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