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  • l003kra l003kra Aug 29, 2012 10:51 AM Flag


    I appreciate the fact that we still have a divy and that this is a very tough market for dry bulk shippers. However, when Spyros states SBLK is "rewarding shareholders with a dividend..." I find it hard to feel "rewarded" when I have thousands of shares with a basis of $8 and the stock is at $0.50. Not whining as this is fully my responsibility but I don't feel rewarded by $0.015. IMHO.

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    • That "reward" term in "Star Bulk's Board of Directors has decided to reward the company's shareholders with a quarterly dividend of $0.015 per share." makes me irked as well but for a different reason.

      That reason is that some people at Star Bulk, whether that's just Mr. Capralos or also the board of directors, appear to have a poor grasp about to whom that dividend belongs. Shareholders own the companies in which they own shares so when someone inside a company says they want to "reward" shareholders with a dividend, it puts me on alert that they might have some ulterior motives. It's only semantics so it's easy to brush it off but it might have much deeper meaning.

      There are so may sleazy people in Greek shipping who try to steal from shareholders that I'm already on alert. I'm hoping Mr. Capralos isn't one of them.

    • r/s coming...

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