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  • ocular_dee ocular_dee Dec 3, 2008 9:03 AM Flag

    out or in wishing is for dummies


    I got out mid september at 36 when I noted RBS holdings within DODFX had tanked............and I posted message at that not ever.....never....listen to the your homework....see what the mutual funds holdings are......draw your own conclusions....better to be out of the market wishing you were in than in the market wishing you were out

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    • Just lucky or you are full of it. Who really knew this was coming? Let's say you were wrong and you got out at 36 and it went to 56, what would you say then? Things like this has happened. You probably wouldn't be posting.

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      • HSBC "has emerged as one the largest victims of Bernard Madoff’s alleged fraud with potential exposure of about $1bn to the investment manager’s collapsed venture...HSBC’s exposure stemmed from loans it provided to institutional clients, mainly hedge funds of funds, that wanted to invest with Mr Madoff. HSBC’s direct exposure is believed to be about $1bn in loans provided to clients who invested some $500m of their own funds in Mr Madoff’s venture. Under the typical terms of these deals, if the US authorities recover any funds from Mr Madoff, HSBC will be paid first, with its clients suffering the first tranche of losses." (FT:)

        What is HSBC> Its the second larget holding of this piece of shit. How many blow ups are in this fund?

    • Sold out in January at around 44. Feel very fortunate. I just didn't like the price action even back then.

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