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  • amsternrochester amsternrochester Oct 2, 2006 11:19 AM Flag

    Another miss........

    who actually thought they would hit #'s ?

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    • Well, when revenues are so small I guess any quarter could be grossley up or down. Any reasons I should buy this stock?

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      • This is a solid company with solid results; check the numbers. I have been long for years and even made a few bucks on it by buying low (like now) and selling high.

        They have $32M in cash, and a book value just a hair below market cap. This is a profitable company with flat sales and profits of about $3M a year. It won't get any cheaper without it going bankrupt, which it won't with the cash on hand.

        Granted, recent performance has been less than stellar, but all it takes is one hit product and the company will shoot up. The likely worst case is more of the same, and the stock price already has that priced in.

        Normally I don't post to boards, but I dislike it when the only people posted are saying nothing of value and are likely all short sellers. Do your own research and don't trust anyone (including me).