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  • tex7779 tex7779 Oct 22, 2001 9:35 PM Flag

    follow-up please


    After reading the glorious testimonials from recent posters who claim that some good sales people left, I have come to the conclusion that I would rather read from IP's " rose colored " vision, than the welder's glass colored prose coming forth from what to me appear to be recent ex-Clarus employees, who quite understandably might and would have an axe to grind.

    The bottom line folks is that the sales people did not sell much of anything during Q3, period. As I posted before, those who did not perform need to find something else to do. None of us, including Clarus employees have a constitutional right for a high salary without the requisite performance.

    Fish as to your question of curiousity, please provide verifiable facts to support your statement regarding Clarus direct sales reps " selling the same product for up to $ 500k when a reseller is selling it for less than $ 30k. " Are you sure that they are indeed the same product. Is the $ 500 K a site or clientwide license fee ? Is the $ 30 K for one work station only, or perhaps it might have a time use limitation ? Somehow, it would seem to me that these are different products.

    If, however, what you claim as being the same product, is true then the entire direct sales force is deluding themselves. The Clarus management team might not have an over abundance of keen business intellect, but they surely are smart enough not to attempt your scenario.