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  • SlowTrader SlowTrader Feb 5, 2002 5:34 PM Flag

    SEC Filng Today

    Merrill Lynch Investment Managers reporting they own 1,979,100 shares, up from 566,200 according to the Yahoo Institutional Ownership number (which is not always up to date). If ML has been a buyer of 1,412,900 shares during the last quarter, they know something we don't (so what's new?).

    Very interesting... or am I missing something? Didn't they file about 6 months ago that they owned more than 10%, which would be more than 566k shares?... I'm working on memory here which is less not always right and sure not dependable.

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    • Slowtrader:

      You are correct. If you look at the site for CLRS and SEC filings you can go back quite a bit, and you will find that on 8/8/01 Merrill Lynch did in fact file a form 13G, stating that as a whole they had as of 7/31/01 1,761,200 shares in CLRS or 11.48 % TOS.

      Similarly, today's posting of a SEC form 13G shows that ML now owns as of 12/31/2001 a total of 1,979,100 shares of CLRS, of which on page 3 they show that their " Master Small Cap Value Trust " hold 1,448,900 shares.

      Like you Slow, I found this quite perplexing. But then when I looked at the second number again, that is the 1,448,900 shares, it looked remarkably like the same amount shown on the top of the list of institutional owners, that being Fund Asset Management also at 1,448,900. Myself, I have never heard of Fund Asset Management, so it could be part of ML in some way.

      But on a lark I looked at ML's latest number, which on the site shows them updated to 12/31/2001 as well but this time at 530,200 shares. Now here is where it gets interesting. If you add the number of shares shown for Fund Asset Management at 1,448,900 to those listed as ML only at 530,200 you get the new number shown on today's SEC filing of 1,979,100. This is either a strange coincidence, or statistically speaking, I would say that Merrill Lynch has not as a whole left the fold, rather they have been adding to their position. But I find it quite curious as to Merrill Lynch's interest in CLRS. As you said, what is that they know that we don't.


    • From today's filing:



      The NASDAQ site shows Merrill Lynch holding 530,000 some odd shares as of 12/31/01.