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  • tex7779 tex7779 Jun 24, 2002 10:57 PM Flag

    Re: seeking advice from people I don't k

    Hey Candor2001us:

    I find it quite amusing that you need to call anyone who differs from your opinion a moron as if only you have been blessed with intellect. Yet what you have displayed in your comments lead me to believe that you are not as smart as you think you are.

    First, yo_roe did not state anything about " infinity times earnings ".

    Second, your recent posts lead me to believe that yo_roe understands valuation, but you do not. You seem to be of the opinion that a large cash position and neglible debt does not represent adequate valuation. Fine, I do not have an issue if that is your opinion.

    And since you state that " people should short this stock ", I would say go for it man. Short the fire out of it. Hey while you are at it, go borrow shares from your broker to the tune of at least 5 million shares. Just think how much money you " could " make.

    You see those of us who are clearly not as gifted as you in the brain department, are quite reluctant to short any stock that is already significantly below cash value. In addition we also know that Kanders and co. will see to it that they as shareholders make money.

    So as that famous detective, Harry Callahan, would say, well do you feel lucky today, punk. If you short now, it can be anyday that Kanders will announce a sale of some sort and all shorts will have to cover. I am counting on Kanders doing what will make him rich, and along with those who stayed the course.

    So if you really think that you are so bright and smart, stop calling other posters names and instead short the hell out of this stock, go for it. The neat thing is that soon enough we will find out who the smart one was. It is just a matter of time.