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  • boddlecap boddlecap Jul 5, 2002 2:26 AM Flag

    company meeting

    Do any of yall remember the clarus company meeting that was at the Fox? Now that was a party.

    It all changed when the money came...and it had to, right?...all those fellers on Wall Street gave them that money to grow the business...but the old way of running the company was gone for good, and that's for certain.

    It sure looks like the company's getting smaller again...How many times can you cut an ice cube in half anyway?

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    • Well, if that's true, then could you image the impact, and possible revenues, that would have been made had they implemented this policy on the soft drinks as well!...

    • I think that is why Sean Feeney was brought in. He made a change in the vending machine policies. He implemented a new system where employees had to start paying for bottled juice.

      I think that extra revenue enabled CLRS to hit their EPS for the past few quarters.

    • Hmm, after sj, I believe there will be the vendor who replenishes the drink machines and the cleaning staff.... BTY, maybe if the soft drinks had not been free for so long they wouldn't have blown the 100 million. sj does have a coke gut going on though....(is it possible to drink a 100 mil of soft drinks?)

    • The remaining employees?

      Well after today's layoff who will be left besides Steve J?

    • How about "The Home For The True Believers in the 2nd Coming of The Digital Marketplace"

      hey, there are plenty of careers out there - we could all just fish Jeffery's balls out of the lake at the country club. Make a change from pulling them out of the fire.

    • > I hope for the sake of the remaining
      > employees at Clarus - good people who tried
      > hard to make a go at it, but were victims of
      > poor strategies and execution, that they
      > find a good home


    • I could not agree more cynical. Clarus was caught up in the same excesses as so many other companies out there. Shame on them!

      I hope for the sake of the remaining employees at Clarus - good people who tried hard to make a go at it, but were victims of poor strategies and execution, that they find a good home with a suitor who can actually do something with these products. My understanding is that Clarus has sharp people (I'm obviously speaking in general about the rank and file), good products and happy customers. I hope they take lots of pride in that as there are many fiscally sound companies who have bad products and lots of unhappy customers. I also hope for their sake (and the shareholders)that this misery will end soon.

      Anyone have any thoughts on who a buyer may be or how a deal might be structured?

    • You been reading this group ?
      I have never been long on this company.

      I just love pointing out what a group
      of selfish, greedy, incompetents make
      up this company and its supporters.

      The only pride seems to come from the
      amount of cash it raised and pissed
      away, while playing golf and consuming
      vast amounts of alcohol.

      Great company, Great management
      Ring them cow bells.

      We have just gone through a era that should
      humiliate any good person. Greed, lies,
      the most outrageous excess. Try and put a
      good spin on it. If you have any pride you'd
      acknowledge it for what it was. Disgusting.

    • Do you always blame the company when you don't sell in time? How about for the market decline?

    • Now that was fun. Clarus had the right idea going at it like Peoplesoft did when they were starting out. Clarus did a great job of making the company an employee friendly environment.

      The dancing hippy chics and the ex Patriot football player were great. We had the right attitude, just not the right execution.

      That company was great to work for.


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