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  • tex7779 tex7779 Mar 29, 2003 11:10 PM Flag

    Howdy Bluematchbook:


    Been gone for a while, just catching up here.

    Wow, three postings in less than a week here. Just kidding, the point here is that things are quite slow.

    As to your question, I agree with bluematchbook. The big players by and large are holding back on any more purchases until they see what Kanders et al will do for the new business venture.

    Until then, as I have posted before, trading will be primarily be done by former CLRS employees and day traders. The slow volume attests to that theory.

    I am holding my shares. No sense in selling now, unless you have to.

    Keep in mind, all of the CLRS purchases that Kanders et al did after the 2002 proxy fight were significantly higher than the stock is now. Thus, they ought to be interested in getting the stock up. It is just a question of time.

    As always, JMHO.


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    • Tex and BlueMatch...

      Have read most of your postings on this board for the past year...had a friend of a friend that knew some folks at CLRS, so always was interested...also the takeover last year sparked my interest in that there were a number of companies (and still are a few) that trade under cash value. CLRS seems to be by far the one that is most undervalued (no real debt -- should be no burn these days, etc.).

      Still, I'm a beliver in at least somewhat efficient markets -- and I'm surprised that no one on an institutional level is not taking what seems to be money on the table. Are there any unforseen huge expense looming? Are the marketable securities not worth what they are on the books? If no on all these...then IMHO there seem to be at least 10% to be made here...i.e. I'll buy a dollar any day for $0.90.


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      • The marketable securities are all good, rated paper if I recall. By my most recent understanding, it should be counted on as a cash equivalent.

        I don't know what the contingent liabilities scenario could be either. I honestly haven't scrutinized any filings lately, so I simply do not know. Maybe I'll review tonight. Maybe I'll just watch TV though.

        I don't make price predictions, but I hardly think your 90/10 goal is lofty. Again, it's really about your timeframe. I think the institutions would jump on this if they thought it would work for them sometime soon. Otherwise, there are other places for their money right now. More active. Besides, it's quite difficult to get into this stock at any worthwhile levels. Or to get out of it. I regret that we never squeezed it. The days-to-cover on that short interest used to be a staggering number. Anyway, it's illiquid.

        Best of luck, cyg.