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  • tex7779 tex7779 May 19, 2001 8:58 PM Flag

    Institutional holdings, update on CLRS

    Although we all saw this week that Franklin Resources has completely sold out of their 1.9 million share position, there are some bright spots to consider:

    As of yesterday, 05-18-2001, we had 74 institutions hold 45.4 % TSO, that is without the Franklin stuff. I just came across a copy of a 04-11-2001 listing of institutional holdings from As of about 5 weeks ago we had 78 institutionals hold 43.7 % TSO, and that included Franklin's 1.9 million shares.

    So now we have fewer institutionals holding a larger piece. Another comparison from then to now, is that the top 20 list started, of course, with Franklin at 1.9 million shares, with number 20 being what appears as a specific mutual fund, " Disclipined Growth " who was shown holding 51,150 shares. Now we have a spread with Cramer Rosenthal MCG being in the # 1 spot with 754,500 shares to the # 20 spot being held by State Street Corp. at 103,911 shares.

    Another interesting point is that Bear Stearns went from about 4,500 shares in Q3 of 2000 to 6,135 shares at the end of Q4 of 2000, but then took a quantum leap by adding 196,000 shares in Q1 of 2001. I would be curious to know what Bear Stearns' analyst rating is for CLRS. I seem to vaguely recall a posting perhaps by infouneed, that may have included an opinion. Does anyone know what Bear Steans' rating is for CLRS, do their actions match their opinion ?

    This past week, on Wednesday 05-16-2001, there was one big trade of 74,200 shares at 10:05:03 for $ 5.4050 per share. The last prior trade on that day was at 09:50:05 for 200 shares for 5.45 / share. Just for kicks, I looked at the latest holdings and saw that Mellon Bank NA was a holder of 74,200 shares as of 03-31-2001. A trade of 74,200 seems to be rather unique, and I would guess that we lost Mellon Bank. Time will tell.