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  • tex7779 tex7779 Jul 25, 2001 6:51 PM Flag

    Today's CC

    I agree with many of the prior posters. The numbers looked very good, given the current market environment, but as far as the presentation was concerned, SJ certainly is not a Larry Ellison ( Oracle ) when it comes to presenting the company.


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    • I haven't had time to listen in yet, but I never expect SJ to impress so a "B" is euphoric to me. Sounds like the story is upbeat and should help separate CLRS from the pack in the coming days. Do not know why they would resort to "fluff" with all the good things to focus on. Particularly impressed with DSO reduction, slowing cash burn rate, and quality partners. Looking up!

      OT--uptick, that is an awesome trip and a great place to be this time of year. If I didn't have the Club Championship this weekend, and a MG next, I would invite myself. My game is pretty good shape so I wouldn't embarrass you.
      SuperDave, my statement was much broader than the state of Florida. Yes, they have good teams but my respect goes to the top 2/3 of the SEC, and the top 1/2 of the Big 12. Penn State has my respect, but having lived in the area I can honestly tell ya, there ain't no comparison to how big college football is in the South. You have to have lived here to believe the passion people feel about Saturdays in the fall!