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  • value_invstr value_invstr Jan 16, 2014 7:22 AM Flag

    Well's report

    I would advise interested investors to read it, says exactly what I've been saying regarding the Telecom Act of 1992, if Aereo wins it means NOTHING to retrans

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    • Could you post some quotes from the report? Not the whole thing, but just the part that explains why an aereo win means nothing to retrans? Does he discuss why the SC took the case and what the possible alternative decisions might be? I don't have access to any WF reports.

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      • Seeking alpha I believe posted some of the info. I'll summarize, but I really don't want to post someone else work. She referred to Aereo as "noise". She said that even if Aereo wins that retrans will not be affected because of the 1992 Telecom Act that defines what are Cable/telco providers, and says the broadcaster gets to choose between retrans or must carry. So if your Comcast, you want NBC, you have to pay for it. If someone gets it for free, you are out of luck, their is nothing you can do. Now, you can bet that if Aereo wins the cable companies are going to scream bloody murder. They are going to say how come they get stuff for free and we don't. So they will pressure the FCC, and the FCC could simply say, "Aereo we consider you a Cable/Telco, so you now have to pay". To date the FCC has avoided making such designations, but this would probably force their hand.

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