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  • RnaGade333 RnaGade333 Aug 7, 1999 4:00 PM Flag

    That msg board sucks..

    ..maybe it's time management pulled that trigger. You might want to change your name to boink_the_doink.

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    • hiya - this is qualitative, not quanitative, so
      take with
      many grains of salt. :) i travel about
      350,000 frequent
      flyer miles/year (real miles, not
      including bonuses), and
      other than united (whom i avoid
      like the plague - but not
      their partners), i fly on
      most airlines, depening on destination.

      i have
      horror stories on all airlines - but more
      experience with alaska than any of them. their online
      electronic check-in, and overall attitude of their people
      them apart. i think this is a successful combo, and

      that's why i'm a shareholder.

      never on alaska
      have i had the almost consistant delay of 1-2
      i have on united or united express. if alaska could
      speed-up the baggage process (claim) they'd be set...

    • That John Kelly is going to retire rumor has been
      going around the company for weeks. It started when
      Bill Ayer moved to a bigger office in the West Wing at
      Corporate Headquarters. I don't know is John is going to
      retire next month or not, but I suspect that it's just
      employees trying to read something into Ayer's desire for a
      bigger office with a private bathroom.

    • John Kelly is retiring
      Bill Ayer is taking his
      Tom Gerharter takes Ayer's spot
      Dan Scott takes
      Gerharter's spot at Horizon
      Ted Blahnik takes Scott's spot
      at Horizon

      Just what I've heard in the rumor

    • I suggest you read the attached link on ALK's
      August traffic, and then explain just where you get your
      info that the public is not "blindly making
      reservations". Compared to the rest of the industry, ALK has
      been doing quite well traffic wise. And stop picking
      on old

    • Sir, you have no idea as to what you are speaking
      of! The air is not better than on the ground and it
      is full of bacteria condensed from your fellow man!
      A sneeze in the back most often results in a
      crewmember as well as passengers becoming ill soon after...
      Read up on your studies a wee bit more! There is
      evidence that the transmission of TB is greatly increased
      on airplanes, as well as other contagous diseases. I
      suspect that you live in an eastern or western
      megatropolis where the sewage treatment plant is a breath of
      fresh air, as your statement reflects!

    • So sell your ALK and go back to the SBC front
      line. ALK has performed well financially for some time
      now. However, just like all the larger airlines, its
      stock is under pressure. As a holder of SBC stock, I
      know one thing. It has beat SBC the past few months. I
      also predict ALK will not hit $60 by year end. Hell,
      if it hits $50, I would be happy.

    • Unfortunately the upper management at Alaska has
      been far to consumed with keeping the CEO's mom
      working in their radio ads than settling the long term
      problems of the corporation. Due to labor issues, there
      has been sooo much bad press, the flying public has
      not blindly made reservations like in the past. They
      are too concerned about whether they will get to
      their destination so they take the easy route and book
      another airline. It is hoped that the labor problems will
      be over in the next couple weeks so that the "trust
      rebuilding" stage can commence, both with the employees and
      the flying public. CEO Kelly has been more concerned
      with his wanna-be tv/radio commercial producer career,
      than that of airline CEO. There has been no growth or
      expansion lately. When was the last time a new station was
      opened? Oh, hold on a sec, got another idea for mom's new
      radio spot. And how much did Mrs. CEO Kelly receive for
      her "consultations" on new uniforms? 6 figures. Get
      back to the real work of running this airline.....MR.
      KELLY. I'm giving odds he retires at the end of the year
      with a very GOLDEN parachute. Hooray, then we get Mr.
      Milktoast, Bill Ayer. What a promising future.

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