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  • funfundvierzig funfundvierzig Nov 23, 2013 11:41 AM Flag

    Ms. Kullman, DuPont Chieftess Rips Into Her Food, Fuel & Protection Boutique!

    Dumps A Big Protection Product, DuPont SAFET'Y Glass & Vinyls


    Good Morning, Bonjour, Guten Tag, Konichiwa,

    Readers, for more than a year now, DuPont Chieftess Ellen "You-Know" Kullman has been insisting she is running a "science-based food, fuel and protection" boutique, No nasty chemicals, please. So it really took us by surprise this week just past when she announced she was shrinking DuPont further by dumping big protection product, DuPont SAFETY glass, selling out to the Japanese for $543 million. In now dumping a large part of her SAFETY & Protection shop, she is throwing out another half-$billion in annual DuPont revenue. What is next to go? Commodity Kevlar? Nomex?

    What gives? We suspect she very desperately needs lots of cash to pay the staggering bills for her most infamous "Innovation". That is, of course, the multi-$billion consumer FRAUD, the turbo-toxic, tree-killing DuPont Imprelis dandelion herbicide.

    In the meantime, Ms. Kullman in hop-scotching from one media interview to another, continues to brag about her 500 innovations every 90 days. In the last quarter, Q3 2013, we believe it was exactly 476 "new products". Funny thing, she never lists these dazzling new DuPont offerings for the media or for publication. We strongly suspect from anecdotal evidence, many of these so-called "innovations" are simply superficial changes of existing products by formula, packaging, size, colour, you-name-it. At DuPont it's PR IMAGE über alles.

    In summary, it looks like Ms. Kullman has reached the Glass Ceiling and is breaking it up for DD shareholders and some 600 hapless employees in glass and vinyls.

    Merely THE WEAK IN REVIEW digitally penned by one individual investor and long-time student of the
    degraded DuPont in decline and decay...funfun..

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