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  • buckobrennan buckobrennan Nov 11, 2003 4:56 PM Flag

    melbourne fl.

    i was in melbourne last weekend and stayed at a courtyard mariott. down the street was a smokeys bbq. it was packed everytime i went by on fri., sat., sunday.
    tried to buyback today but missed. have a order in again in ahrs. if not filled, i will be a buyer at open tomorrow if dri goes to 20 or under.-bucko

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    • Bucko-

      I would not add any shares except on a dip <18.00.
      $71.00 for two dinners and a couple a drinks is unbelievably high and way more than Joe Blow will be willing to pop for. If they open any around here, I will be sure to keep my wife away. Are you sure you weren't overcharged? I don't care how good they think the food is, the prices better get in line with the competition. After all, it's just another steak joint, isn't it?

    • I was there too. Very big place and doing a good business from what I saw. Bahama Breeze is extremely popular in Orlando. Voted top 1 or 2 in local newspaper. We need a Bahama Breeze at Port Canaveral. Pinky

    • I don't know that tuna is fresh, vs. frozen. I do know it is tuna steak, not canned tuna, and that it is usually very good (sometimes overcooked). It is easy enough to tell the difference between tuna steak and canned tuna. Frankly, I prefer frozen tuna which is defrosted as needed, since tuna should not be overcooked, and I think it is safer that way.

    • Take another look at the Chili's menu available on their website. I looked at it (you have to enter your zip which certainly speaks to the regionalization of menus), the location I looked at does list a grilled Tuna sandwich, however...what makes you beleive it's fresh? Typically fresh items are described as "fresh Tuna," the menu never says the word fresh. You also have to consider availablity of product, we have 670 locations and fresh fish has a strong preference as a % of entrees. Some items can't be on the menu because there just isn't enough. Keep in mind that RL serves more seafood than the entire country of Japan consumes, and seafood makes up a large portion of their diet.

    • Chili's has a broiled tuna sandwich, which is excellent, as well as a tuna entree. All kinds of restaurants add tuna (grilled, not canned) to Caesar salads. I really don't believe fresh tuna is a regional favorite, but I am more familiar with the two coasts. I just looked up the Chili's in Atlanta, and it has both the tuna steak sandwich and entree.

    • ok, that makes sense, thanks for the explanation. I sure do like fresh broiled tuna though. Happy eating out, go Darden!


    • Probably ran out of Hellman's Mayonnaise...

      Make it yourself at home and enjoy! (I prefer Cain's mayo, but hey, I'm from New England) Add a little celery salt for me...

    • Tuna is the "most popular fish in America?"
      I guess if you count Bumblebee and Starkist, you might be right.

      Fresh fish is placed on menus based on regional preferences. Fish such as walleye are extremely popular in the Great Lakes area, I'm sure you wouldn't be able to find it in the Gulf states. Each RL typically carries 5-7 species on their menu based on these regional preferences. Since these items are fresh, and fresh tuna contains histamines which shortens it's freshness shelf life, we can only carry items that sell well. I am not familiar with that market, so my guess is that either Tuna is not a regional favorite or the server didn't handle the question correctly. Grilled tuna is on many of our menus, but I don't know of anyone who carries a grilled tuna sandwich, although if that location carries tuna we could certainly have made a sandwich.

    • i totally agree with you, totally; get with the program darden management , america wants more broiled fresh fish choice, especially tuna, wake up...

    • Took the wife there (Rte. 46 in New Jersey) and when I asked for a grilled tuna sandwich they said it wasn't on the menu. Which astounded me. A specialty seafood restaurant with not a trace of tuna (the most popular fish in America) on the menu? It makes no sense.

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