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  • Oaklandraiderskick Oaklandraiderskick Mar 4, 2004 11:04 AM Flag

    Going to Red Lobster on Saturday

    I think we will try something from their revamped menu. One thing I can guarantee you will be that we get thier at 11 a.m to beat the big rush. No kidding, they are staning outside waiting to get in before they even open thier doors. Long and strong DRI.


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    • The real point is .... no matter what you or I think of fresh vs. frozen or pre-packaged, no matter what you or I would or would not look for in a "good" restaurant, the customers keep coming first time and repeats. That simply means they are supplying a need that's in demand. And as long as sales and profits hold up, it doesn't matter what the food tastes like.

    • if red lbster is a great place to eat? why is it in the most recent past a drag on SSS, and guest counts fo DRI? obviously the masses for a while would disagree with you.

    • If you can pull away from Burger King or the others alike, please go and try a freshly ground and prepared burger. The flavor is of no comparison. Steaks are the same way, would you rather have a frozen steak, and have no idea how long it has been frozen? Or be assured of a properly 21 to 26 day freshly aged filet? As for O.G., they serve you pre portioned frozen sauces, under the guise of freshly prepared authentic italian cuisine, show me the connection! I myself lose repect for a restaraunt that I see microwaves in a kitchen, or seeing a prep cook with a can opener as his cooking utensil. Fresh is Fresh, I do have many years in this industry and your flash frozen places have their share, but your consistent producers are fresh. Do you see Cheesecake, PF Changs etc.. serving microwaved food? Your palate, my palate, enjoy what you can always purchase at your local Publix freezer aisle.

    • I have never ever gotten sick from eating DRI food, on the other hand I have been stricken very sick by McDonalds food and you know what, I still will go to McDonalds every once in awhile. Who cares if you won't take your family to Red Lobster, that is your problem, not mine. Most of the people in the U.S would consider Red Lobster a very nice place to eat, you are in the minority and you must be a Kansas City Chief fan.

      Good luck,\

    • We all know the following you have posted. Or atleast people should if they research their buys! I was just making a claim that since the so-called masses are the targets in this situation, what happens if wallets get tight? Will they opt for a 12.99 fast food meal or a cheaper McDonalds meal? I would think that Unemployment numbers might be closely related to the price of the stock.
      A certain portion of the food is tested before it gets to your table, but only a certain % of them. You say "that with good promotions and advertising it will do good" I do agree. I just find the masses have lower standards than some.

    • I belive that is the point here. Mcdonalds and Red Lobster are of the same caliber. I am not saying anything bad about their model of business. Just the quality is that of fast food. I find it effective for survival. Like a MRE. All microwave and conveyor food. Just pointing out that it passes regulations but the food is fast-food.

    • There is absolutely nothing wrong with prepackaged/frozen/"bulk" over fresh. In fact, the diner can be assured of a consistent product no matter when or which restaurant they visit. The methodology allows for consistency of product. Look what Omaha Steaks, Prime Steaks, KC Steaks, Peter Luger, and others charge for their "prepackaged," frozen solid, meat and seafood products, not to mention "Five Alive" gourmet-chef-prepared dinners. How do you think McDonald's, Burger King, (In-N-Out in SoCal)and the other quick-serves drew their customer's loyalty? OSI does use "fresh-not-frozen" meat products, and they still charge $8.00 for their signature burger+fries (beverage extra).

    • You hit it right on the head. As a matter of fact I just saw a new ad on t.v that featured a meal at RL for 10.99, they have seen the problem and are fixing it as we speak. Management has stepped up to the plate and is playing some good ball now.


    • I have been in Red Lobsters kitchen and it is ultra clean. Red Lobster is the largest purchaser of seafood in North America and has first choice of seafood and quality over anyone else. They also have there own quality checkers that randomly visit stores to ensure quality and sanitation and all seafood is temped before arriving at a diner's table.
      I agree that Red Lobster is high class for the lower classes but the majority of the population is middle or lower class. I believe with good promotions and advertising Red Lobster will be highly successful.

    • Ok, Ok. No one is disputing that the stock has been healthy lately. Just asking you to see the light that the food is disgusting. The clam chowder comes in a large can. All the food arrives frozen in a box. There is a conveyor oven in the kitchen for sakes! Ask to see the kitchen next time you go in. It is the ghetto seafood house. Good for numbers now, but what happens when wallets get tight with the lower class? Will they opt for the seafood or the hamburger at 1/10 the price? Atleast in California; It has become a gang hang-out for the thugs.

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