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  • onehunglow122506 onehunglow122506 Aug 2, 2007 10:02 PM Flag

    The end maybe near..............

    Spoke with the corp. office today,seems like when you get too big you lose touch with your customers and their needs.Point being,when people go for dinner and want a bottle of wine,,,,,,,,,,it's $18 a bottle for the cheap stuff.Thats more than a meal !!Nobody at corp. could give me an answer as to why there is a 600% markup on a bottle of Sutter Home Zin.We (and many friends) don't go the Lobster and Olive Garden as much as we would like too,why go for dinner and want a drink with your meal when you feel like you've been ripped off on the drinks or can't afford to pop for the wine or beer. I for one will be calling investor relations with this concern......ANYBODY ELSE !!!

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    • Hey onehungstupid, your an idiot and a cheepskate, so dont eat there they don't need your business n sell your shares n move on and quit bitching!!!!

    • Are you kiding me with your whinning about the price of alcoholic beverages at casual restaurants. Its the same where ever you go, be it Friday's,Applebee's,Chilli's,Macaroni Grill.Your just an idiot!!!!!!

    • are low. go bitch to someone who cares!! you cheap fk, you buy wine, pay the and enjoy. can you do that?? you have to bitch when its not 3.00 a bottle? sorry, og does not carry rot gut or boones farm.....go somewhere else to purchase that crap. you are cheap, and frankly, we don't need your money, so go somewhere where there care. you are a disgrace!! micky d's wants you!!

    • Not a big wine drinker but I believe a bottle of Sutter Home cost around $5. Selling it for $18 doesn't equate to a 600% mark up. DRI like all others look at what their cost % is, wine costs are much higher than any other liqour they sell. THis bottle is about 33% to DRI. The real rip off is in the liqour drinks. Lets say a bottle of Bacardi costs DRI $22 per bottle, the average drinks per bottle is around 18. Now use a price per drink is $6, this amounts to $108 per bottle. Far better cost of about 20% for DRI.
      This is really true for any restaurant that you go to, but if you enjoy it, then do just that. Also these restaurants have to pay their bartender to make/get the drinks, pay your server to deliver them to you and pay the busboy to clean up your table. As the other post said, it is always cheaper to dine at home.

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      • hey, at least bircky has a clue here, i thank you for that!! a real buisness person knows what they are talking about, and you do!! how refreshing it is to hear from someone who has a clue. all the rest of you, only mear stock holders, sell and get out, the rest of us are here for the long haul and making a crap load of cash.........get a life to the rest of you!!

      • It does seem the alcohol prices are out of line with the rest of the prices.

      • Sutter Home is $3.00 at Trader Joes and other places.It's not just that wine's price but all their wine and beer prices.

        You missed my point,people who would like a bottle of wine or some beer's with their dinner stay away from there bigtime.It is an insult to customers to be charged that much (600% markup)for some drinks.The point is,,,,,if they lowered drinks prices ($6.00 bottle wine,,$1.75 glass of beer)alot more people would come for dinner or lunch and profits would go through the roof.

        Management can't figure out how to pour piss out of their boot,,,even if the instructions were on the lol

        Ask people you know or meet if they would go more often if liquor prices were lower.


    • Only loss of business will change their gouging on drinks. Eating at home with a good bottle of wine is preferable to going out anyway. Why call, just don't go and learn to prepare better food at home....hell you can have friends over for less than the bill at one of these "shops". And if you've ever been in one of their about loss of appetite!

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