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  • bear_cubster bear_cubster Jan 11, 2011 6:33 AM Flag

    Have portions shrunk at Red Lobster?

    I received a Red Lobster gift card for Christmas so we decided to eat there last night. I got a parmesan crusted tilapia that came with two sides and a salad. The Caesar salad was so small, I thought odd, but didn't really mind at the time because I knew my fish and two sides would be coming up. Then my food came out. The two sides were a baked potato and broccoli. This was one small baked potato (hadn't seen one that small be used as an individual side). It only had some butter and sour cream (no cheese, no bacon, no chives) seemed skimpy. The broccoli side was even worse, just a few small chopped pieces of broccoli not the whole stalk. It was more like a garnish then a side. The fish was pretty good but again kind of skimpy especially when you consider I got the "full" order, two very flat/thin pieces of fish (I am glad I did not get the half order). Even their famous biscuits seemed smaller. I understand that restaurants are trying to increase profits by raising prices and skimping on portions but this seemed a bit ridiculous. Our total for two with tax and tip was almost $48.00 (and I just drank water, other person on party drank iced tea, and this was without an appetizer and no dessert). Its strange, rarely I leave a sit down restaurant still hungry but this time I was. Are shrinking portions a new reality? I remember 5-10 years whenver I went out for a sit down meal at places and always brining home leftovers for lunch for the next day. I guess those days are over.

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    • are you even serious? have you been to the grocery store in the last couple of weeks?? do you even know that price's are rising faster than inflation? produce has tripled in just the last week, and no one can change that fact. i don't work for darden, but i am in the rest industry as a manager. wake the hell up people, this is reality, all of ours!! go to country buffet and pay your 11.95 for that food then come talk to us. get a life

    • Portions are not shrinking- fact is that RL provides more protein than most other restaurants and has always had smaller sides. If you expected bacon bits and chives on your baked potato, you must not have been to RL for 10 years. A stalk of brocolli? again a change that happened many years ago, quite frankly while it looks nice on the plate most people don't walk the stalk, they want the floret. One thing many people don't know is that RL uses several different sizes of shrimp, scallops and lobsters depending upon the entree choice. So if you come in for dinner and choose and entree that comes with fried shrimp for'll get a larger shrimp than you would on a lunch plate. Portions aren't shrinking, people just get one item on one plate and think all the shrimp or scallops are the same on all plates. If all shrimp etc was the same size, it would be quite difficult to ensure adequate supply. No different than at a steak restaurant- not all the steaks are the same cut or the same size.
      ps- RL uses a great deal of takeout boxes, it just all depends on what you order.

    • kal82 Feb 1, 2011 10:25 AM Flag

      Good question. I will find out! Try the new Olive garden/red lobster combo! Pretty interesting idea:

    • Lower serving sizes is probably a good thing. They should try to match the portions to what a person can eat at the restaurant. If we want to eat food at home, we have grocery stores or delis for that.

    • Have not posted in many weeks since our group is no longer in DRI..We did very well as you can read old posts..But to address your inquiry..A few of us stopped at a Red Lobster in NC (Rocky Mount) on our way up to NY..We (6 of us) ordered their $29.99 dinner for two..10 pieces of fried shrimp, and a pasta and shrimp entry..Salads were huge..portions huge, desert (chocolate dripping and cake) that ALL of us, and we are BIG BIG eaters took some food back with us to our motel..Don't know what you are talking about or where you ate or if you are just a pumper..Either way..its a good medium priced chain..Semper fi from the guys..

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