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  • hansy4prez hansy4prez Jun 16, 2012 6:46 AM Flag

    Yahoo's defamation and misuse of Olive Garden trademark

    Attention, Darden Inc corporate legal team!!...
    Yahoo has pictures of McDonalds' and Olive Garden's signs (and trademarks) on the Yahoo home page under "news" heading "Worst Restaurants to Work For". Your corporate lawyers should consider taking action against Yahoo about defamation and misuse of the Olive Garden trademark. (For evidence go to Yahoo homepage and do a "AlT-Prsc" and save as a picture file to capture the evidence on the Yahoo site to use later in court if need be.

    Clicking the McDonalds and OliveGarden picture takes you to the following linked article, also to be saved as evidence.

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    • IMHO, I don't think worst or best has any significance quantitatively. It is just a subjective value judgment. One cannot possibly view everything, to state best or worst objectively.
      Now if one says 'A' is better than 'B' then the objective data can be compared and declared true or false.
      When someone says restaurant 'A' is better than 'B', he needs to state his premise.
      Usually, people know it is still a subjective personal evaluation. How can it possibly be defamation?
      Consumer’s Reports is continuously objectively evaluating everything on the market. They are not defaming anyone!!

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