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  • benfrankie51 benfrankie51 Jan 9, 2013 10:00 PM Flag

    Ruby Tuesday today, DRI Next.

    Today Ruby Tuesday says they are closing up a Chain along with Resturants from their other chains. I see Red Lobster closing up many stores or something gotta give. Austerity will most certainly cut all Resturants dining. Cost are too high and many people will just be scraping it to survive. Just imagine paying 20 dollars every week on more taxes? Gasoline prices are still too high , people canno't offset higher Taxes and still keep higher Gasolien and expect people to dine out. We aint seen nothing yet. Its coming to ya. Red Lobster must drop prices. They at Red Lobster have already cut servings on every menu. It aint gonna fly. I can order my Lobsters and cook them myselves for way less, Crab legs too. #$%$ RED LOBSTER. Your days are numbered just like RUBY TUESDAY. Its what happens when GREED takes over.

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    • Don't think so....people have to eat and they will eat out. Americans are used to living on the edge-it's our way. Couple of drinks, a good meal, worry about tomorrow....never.

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    • Gas prices are set by the market. If you don't like it, buy an electric or hybrid, and stop whining already. And stick to the speed limit while you're at it.

    • Don't be foolish. Stop and think, do Americans know how to cut back? No! The rack up debt on their credit cards and spend more then they can afford and that really is the American way. Maybe sad but true. Now, think! American credi card debt is at extremely low levels, levels we haven't seen in years.... Bankruptcy hit the highs several years ago and Americans wiped out their debt.... It's a cycle, and spend in American is going to go up for years now even with higher taxes my friend.
      The auto industry, airline and vacation industry and home builders are showing you what is unfolding.
      Ruby Tuesday's sucks. Malls and retail outlets are being built again and popular wanted chains will do well as long as they are popular and wanted in the right locations.

      The time you want to invest is when you still have fear in the markets and the world not when everything is better..... Dri is has low valuations and at a 52 week low:). This is the best possible time to add.

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    • Why all the anger. Upset about higher taxes and high gas prices? Me too? But don't take it out on Red Lobster.

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