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  • sidibid sidibid May 21, 1998 1:28 AM Flag

    Slowest Board out there?

    Almost one month without a posting?

    everyone is happy with this stock, or no one owns

    Does anyone else notice the push/pull of the last six
    trading sessions? It appears that neither buyers nor
    sellers can move it.

    Next move will be big which
    ever way it goes.

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    • RAIN folks, face it...the bottom line for what
      will eventually be RAIN'S demise (and I urge all of
      you to archive this post, then look back a couple
      years from now and say, "damn, that Harry was
      right....") is the food. It's rich, salty, over-priced and

      Now, let's take a look at Darden. You get BIG
      portions, including endless salads and breads, with a lot
      of meals under $9.99.

      And for those of you
      not living in Florida, specifically
      out for Darden's newest restaurant, Bahama Breeze. 2
      Stores here in Orlando have tested like
      gang-busters...1-2 hour waits all the time. Darden recently
      announced they will open 50 Bahama Breezes throughout the

      Simply put, the ambience, the food quality, the food
      selection, the theme, the customer service, the low prices
      of Baham Breeze (and Red Lobster & The Olive Garden
      for that matter) put RAIN to shame. The Rain FOrest
      Cafe is a one-note, gimmick restaurant, with out dated
      animatronics, loud noises and weak food.

      Hey, they
      numbers speak!! RAIN down 9 points from a high of 18, a
      staggering 50% drop during a 4 month period!!

      (Darden) up 9 points (over a 100% increase) in a little
      over a year!!!

      OUT - RAIN, Planet Hollywood,
      All Star Cafe (trendy, one-note

      IN- Bahama Breeze, in a BIIIIGGGGGGG WAYYYY!!!!

    • just came out on Friday. You can find Value Line in some libraries. I subscribe to it. You can find out about it at

    • Stockcruncher - I don't know much about Value
      Line - can you tell me what being rated No. 1 means ?
      Is that within a sector or overall equities ? Is
      this a recent rating ? Where can I find out more ?
      Isn't Value Line in the libraries ?

      Thanks in
      advance for any response !

    • I have a sizeable position and am thinking about increasing it. It is rated No. 1 in Value Line Investment survey and that is where I pick most of my stocks from

    • Good call - I sure hope it continues. Positive sign is the increase in volume, especially yesterday (7/9).

    • last week, the stock is poised for a move to new highs.

      Here in Las Vegas the restaurants are always fully busy.

      DRI should hit easily 20 by September.

    • I always see good crowds at Red Lobster and Olive Garden. And Bahama Breeze is always packed on the weekends. This stock is a terrific bargain. I don't care what the ANALysts think!

    • So, MD578, about 6 weeks ago you said that Darden
      "continues to be the BOW WOW of my portfolio !!!!!! I do
      have a sell order on Darden" My guess is that, with a
      post spinoff return of 84% in 3 years, this is no
      longer the BOW WOW of your portfolio. Have you sold?

    • I hate to think about how much more this BOW WOW would have dropped without the upgrade !!!!!!!!

    • Some months are slower in some parts of the country plus Macaroni Grill, Carabras both bracket OG's price points above and below.

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