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  • WS6643 WS6643 Sep 7, 1998 11:15 AM Flag

    Anti - Gay Business

    This is a publicly Anti-Gay Restaurant business - But then sell ONE share as often as you can - The administrative costs will send them into the ground.

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    • This is my first time reading these messages. I
      do believe that RL quality has gone down. I've
      worked there for four years. But, to answer your
      question on gays at the RL, we have had many at my store.
      My manager is gay and some employees are too. I
      don't see them facing too much discrimination there.

    • Congradulations george, it took you just untill
      10/6 to comment on a post written on 9/8. If you would
      take the time to read some more posts you will see
      that post #201 was a joke in response to post 199. You
      would also read that i could really care less about the
      dri policy regarding gays. You would also read that i
      have said that dri is a good company with fine

      A couple of questions: 1)What have i said
      to indicate that i'm a bigot?(note spelling of
      bigot) 2)What is the b.s. that is being spread on this
      board about dri?

      DRI is a quality seasoned
      company with strong financials. The restaurants are doing
      well and the stock's price has held up well. There is
      no large short position for dri and even if 6 or
      seven people were on this board constantly slandering
      the company it would have little effect on the stock.
      In other words (((chill out))))!...........socks

    • lets not let discruntled people cloud the issues. Keep an open mind. These boards are full of people spreading bs. they are probably shorties....the enemy for those of us who are not.

    • I bought Darden stocks six years ago when it was
      still associated with General Mills. It has been since
      split off and doing very well in all comparisons.

      Will it continue to survive in the highly volatile
      restaurant market? I do believe. However, this issue of gay
      discrimination is a key one that needs to be addressed if it is
      true. I am a heterosexual female so I will post that so
      others out there do not try to interpret my position. As
      a shareholder, if this allegation is true then I do
      support any measures necessary to correct and readdress
      this issue at hand.

    • Now I know why you are always shorting the
      stocks, to pay for his sex change operation. Thats why
      you like the DRI stock so much.
      Just what do you
      do with those breadsticks Harry?????
      Glad I don't
      eat there.

    • For proving to the world what an ass you are. Oh
      by the way YOUR company just released earnings for
      the first quarter. YOU had an exellent quarter. Bet
      you didn't know that did you? Try commenting on that
      dim wit.............socks

    • Earnings are coming out this week - what's the
      threads concensus view ? Will they beat them ? Seems
      stock has been moving up lately. Also heard on CNBC
      that restaurant stocks are somewhat defensive plays
      given the current market and economic conditions.

    • First, let me express my appreciation to everyone
      for returning to the issues, and that is DRI's stock.

      Socks accurately notes that DRI's stock has held up
      well in this market, only down approx 12% from its 52
      week high. Compared to its Fortune 500 counterparts,
      it should fare better since it does not have
      exposure to international markets, except for a small
      presence in Canada. And actually DRI may even benefit due
      to its worldwide purchasing and lower commodity

      With regard to a neutral rating, the issues of whether
      DRI is fairly valued revolve around several key

      1. Again, Socks points out that while Breeze is a
      great concept, it will take at least another 4-5 years
      to have an impact on DRI's financials.

      2. Can
      RL return to its historic levels of ROS? Landry's,
      once a formidable competitor, seems to be in a
      tailspin, with its stock trading at 52-week lows and guests
      counts sinking (pun intended). This will benefit RL. Can
      RL capitalize with better execution, better dishes,
      and better atmosphere. Should RL remodel?

      Improve alcohol sales. 'Nuff said.

      4. Can OG
      sustain, or even improve, on its phenominal success? Is OG
      reaching its potential or is there still more

      5. With Breeze expanding, can DRI afford to continue
      its agressive share repurchase program in the coming

    • Probably not a good idea to buy anything new
      right now untill you know the market has leveled off.
      Personally i think dri is fully valued. The stock shows good
      price strength in this market and hasn't been abused
      like many other restaurant stocks. This is a good
      company with good management and fine restaurants. The
      addition of the bahama breeze concept should boost
      earnings long term. The problem with bahama breeze now is
      there are so few of them. Just three out of a universe
      of almost 1200 units..............socks

    • Thanks for the kind words. .....take care and god bless......I'll consider the name change...............socks

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