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  • heatherhn1 heatherhn1 Nov 16, 2012 2:54 AM Flag

    Stock price compared to last year makes no sense

    If you look at every factor, the stock price of Hauppauge should be 50% higher than it was last year at a true minimum. There has been absolutely no sell volume here(yet the stock is down 40% in 2 + months?), no insider sales except a minor one from the same lady who has been selling for years at pace. The prospects are much much better this year compared to last year. Just looking back at todays transactions, how can a stock or company lose 6% of its entire value on 100 shares traded? No one trades 100 shares.

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    • The robots are in full control at this point. Those are not trades, they are algorithms. What's even better is that CFO and CEO own around 700K shares, so they are down 40% as well.

      Maybe they are masochists? The reverse of capitalists? Like they wake up in the morning and only get excited if the stock price moves down and they lose money? Either way the loss you have or I am sitting on is a walk in the park to the ( $280,000 ) paper loss that has vanished from their accounts.

      Curious if this can get down to around .60 cents again? Sure as heck looks that way since earnings are not until 12/24. My basis is around $1.21 so it would be easy to average down at .60.

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