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  • heatherhn1 heatherhn1 Nov 28, 2012 2:22 AM Flag

    El Gato gaming unit sold out at Amazon USA

    Next time they need to come up with a solution for Mac software. How can you charge for it, seems like a scam. The guy who sells it used to work for Hauppauge. He is probably filtering cash back to Hauppauge executives!

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    • Hauppauge PCTV uses el Gato software:). If you read reviews El Gato is really plug and play. Hauppauge is kind of like a Hauppauge, harder to understand and it may have shipped before it was truly ready. Who even knows it has a hardware streaming app? When el gato brought out their hardware streaming, they put a half page article across their Facebook, it was on their website etc... That all being said, Haup as you say has also sold many PVr's in the last 2 months. This company has to take a hard look to compete going 4ward. The HD PVR 3(LOL) needs to be tighter much more portable and have ease of use, plug and play. Hauppauge has a name and a following... all it takes is to strive to be better the next time around to make up market share quickly. How about starting with a name change to Hauppauge gaming??? Hauppauge computer works sounds idiotic.

      Next unit has to have software that is much improved and compatible with Mac. Smaller in size and they really need to work directly with top gamers to help build the next unit.

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