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  • rreid381 rreid381 Dec 27, 2012 2:54 PM Flag

    Expect poor results


    If anyone sees how this company operates any differently in the last 5 years, let me know. I took my money out over the last two weeks and I was lucky to do so imho. From top to bottom, this is just a poorly run organization that has for more or less given up on the company and employees. How many red flags have I seen? Too many. If the stock goes up, I accept it, so be it. If the last Q was even halfway decent, # would have been released. Honestly I dont see who makes money on this thinly traded stock. There is not enough daily volume for anyone to make cheese, there is no institutional ownership. I dont even see how it trades 10k shares a day, I dont think those share share legit-naked shares most likely. The company wont tell you if they have toilet paper in their bathroom let alone one word about how they operate. If you take away PVR 2 you have nothing here and even the PVR 2 is not without it s problems and has lost what couldve been a very decent leadership position to the el gato gaming company. They purchased Pctv for 6-7 million dollars and its just been a burn on the company since purchase. When Hauppauge did an expense control , they shouldve released every employee from Pctv as its given 0 value and is no solvent. Anyone buying the stock is a scker right now, just take a hard look at it. Bad corrupt management terrible products for the most part and ever dwindling market share and many unhappy customers. How a company that is involved in the recapture market on youtube in a pretty big way is down the sh tter? Well its pretty easy to see how. I think Plotkin is happy to see his 12k a month rent and some beans from the company. Maybe he can keep iot going for a few more years maybe not. But he has been paid and hes done. The other two were it on it and have a decent salary for many years.....the employees..simple theyre not very good. If they end up losing their jobs, well they earned that anyway. So there you have it. Im not one to bash 50 times, so this is first and last good luck.

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    • Good luck to you. I'm not saying this management is a good 1--that is for sure. But I am a believer in internet streaming and this is the cheapest way to play it. They have not made any money in the last q in 5 years but this should be offset some by advanced sales of PVR. There was no way the same buzz or sales for the PVR last yer to this year. Honestly I dont know what they sold last year but nothing of volume. By the way they have routinely released their 8k either on the 28th or 29th not before.

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