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  • pacpali89 pacpali89 Apr 4, 2013 12:47 PM Flag

    PVR2 - Gaming Edition Plus

    I believe our PVR is superior to the El Gato product. The only leverage El Gato had was included Mac support. Now, supposedly, Mac support is included in the model 1504. What's peculiar is why the 1504 shows 'temporarily unavailable' on Amazon, with no estimate timeline of inventory. While the 1504 shows as available and for sale within the Hauppauge webstore, BUT mentions NOTHING about Mac support? I don't get this marketing strategy. They should be hyping the whole Mac support angle.

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    • Not bundling Mac software with the new PVR's gives El gato its base of customers that certainly outrank Hauppauge customers especially in the US 2.5/3-1. It makes 0 sense. Lets make great new software but lets leave Mac users out of it? Lets give El gato 60% of the market so I can make an extra 10 grand selling software from a third party? That makes sense to me, the company loses out on 10k's of Ks of customers so they can sell mac software third party. Absolute inane thinking.

    • I'm pretty sure its the same Mac support as before HDPVRCAPTURE. It is confusing on Amazon--its been lumped together with 1212 1512 and Im not sure if they want to move the rest of the original PVR 2's and then include the new Hauppauge Capture software with the new HD PVr 2 +--probably want to clear the channel as much as possible. I think there is a need for a sales strategist and marketing strategist--especially since they will be coming to market with Streameez soon--but it is what it is. I think Auperble's son is head of marketing now.

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      • What a dumb idea hdpvrcapture is. Someone trying to make a few bucks on the side.

        Think about this for just one second. If you actually make the PVR with the MAC software, then more people will buy the PVR. Its not rocket science Whatever chump change they make from hdpvrcapture, they could make 100ks of k more actually selling the unit to mac users. Most people do NOT buy a PVR now who have a MAC they buy el gato. El Gato wasnt the brand when HD PVR came it is easily number 1. Get rid of HD PVR Capture and just bundle the software with the unit??????????????????????????????

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