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  • mdv_92126 mdv_92126 May 6, 2005 7:23 PM Flag

    Rodman webcast

    very impressive...

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    • Since dewdiligence broke the news on 5-7 that the EMEA would be inspecting gtcb's manufactoring facilities this stock has gone up 100% from it's .85 cents. Amln has also gone from it's low around $14 to over $20.


    • In 2nd line breast cancer taxotere is currently the drug of choice. So eventually it will be come important.

      With the start of this breast cancer trial we should have data by the time we get approval to support use with taxotere.


    • 2:15!, that is cheap again. David needs to concentrate on some US market agreement!

      Randy have you researched VBI? looks interesting, it is planning a issue on AMX, similar to YMI last year.

      In the meantime, fill your pockets with some Yummi cheap stock....

    • "most breast cancer patients will be using a taxotere drug in 2nd line therapy"

      Randy - maybe I misunderstand, but I thought the kink was that the metastatic cases would be using taxotere in first-line (traditional chemo having being regulated) therapy.

      Or is "first-line" defined by radiation ?

      ps: how much of an issue do you think taxotere could be anyway ? What I mean is, meeting the SPA goals should be almost a guarentee of FDA approval ? Plus also a drug with a survival advantage over chemo on the label - that is still huge - yes ?

    • Also the goal of the phase 2 taxotere trial is for enrollment by the end of the next quarter. That is good news as most breast cancer patients will be using a taxotere drug in 2nd line therapy.


    • ...Nice report. 414 enrolled patients from 18 countries and 109 hospitals in 20 countries in the tesmilifene breast cancer trial with complete enrollment at 700. If survival "mirrors" that reported in the initial Phase III trial we could submit tesmilifene for FDA approval in late 2006 or early 2007. 31 million in the bank...enough to get us through 2006 with no problems whatseover...

      And this is a $2 stock...huh?

    • Well you are most welcome. I look as every thing I say as a lead for someone to look into. Nothing more. Nothing less. It's each investors own money and their own responsibility to do research, take risks, and also take the profits or losses associated with those risks.

      I follow leads from posters all the time. I like walkinzer, pharma, dew, drbio, biowatch, bioguy. There are others also. I also listen to conf calls and call companies and talk to their investors relations people and ceo's if I think it is important. Most companies are good about answering questions.

      Best of luck to you!


    • a sincere thanks for the reply-please don't be angry with the following: the alpha types on these message boards tend to lead others follow-people seem to have jumped from imcl to
      genr to gtcb to amlyn to gnvc etc.-i am an old guy and many i know are type#2-there are many age related epidemics-currently i own dsco, imcl and ymi-i am part of the very old
      scios crew-and now natrecor is somewhat unsafe. i am not here following you but the leadership is appreciated-right now i like tech for the next year or so....


      Link to webcast.